About Us

Eonic Games is a North American 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) developer & publisher. We bring life to online games that are loved by millions of players across the world, games that have unique & highly interactive gameplay mechanics.

Turf Battles

Our first game, Turf Battles, proved to be a huge success. We successfully pushed Turf Battles through two separate crowdfunding campaigns. The final result was more than anyone could have hoped for.

We reunited members of a community, brought life to a game that was believed to be gone forever, and ushered in a new age of intense PvP combat. Moving forward, we built on to Turf Battles based on our own community's suggestions & polls. This brought Turf Battles to a whole new level.

At Eonic Games, we firmly believe that online games should be free to play. Free to play games are more enjoyable, maintain higher populations, and hold true to both company & community values. That is why all our games make use of Micro-Transactions. This means that players can play all of our games for free, without ever being forced to make a purchase. However, players can reap the benefits of fair & cosmetic buffs/boosts from each of our games Item Malls by purchasing eCoins.

Looking to the future, Eonic Games will be a powerhouse of unique games both through a development & publishing standpoint. If you want to see a game go under the Eonic Games name, contact us & we will look into it!