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This is based on multiple runs, for simplicity sake be advised these are likely not exact levels listed. This is a rough guide for anyone looking for further knowlege.


Levels 1-30 will have plenty of quests from the new adventure quest line found under ctrl+n.


Levels 30-70 will lead you to the silent arena and eventually to the swamp around level 50. Avoid giant lizard quest unless you are a tank. They are quite beastly with arguable rewards.


Once you hit level 70 you should attempt to either

A)start using AOE in the harbor (follow quest line) and kill monsters at rest.

B)join a tribe and take iah (farm newt rangers for experience scrolls)

C)continue grinding lizardmen until 80 

D)west windmill has orcs that provide worthy experience.


When you become bored of any combination of those four you still have option E:


E)At level 70 you can begin exp in the wasteland. Red bridge, war memorial and west windmill village are feeding locations to enter wasteland.

At level 70 the witchdoctor will give you skeleton archmage quest. This is difficult without a party unless you are over level 90.

Thock will give you Army of the undead quest part 1 at level 80. He requires you kill 200 undead creatures in wasteland. Make sure you talk to him before grinding.


Once you hit level 100 you're ready for rampao parties and Vylock!

This is the solo guide so screw RAMPAO, OK?

Level 100-117 will be mainly teddybears! Err... cobolt miners and such!

At 117 you should be making your way to polluted lake and completing the quests to get started that begin at the edge of vylock just before cobolts.

At 122 the king nor crabs on the southern coast are purple and the queens are orange. I'd stick with fish until 125.


At 125 you're going to try and get delphiroth parties but when that fails, just head north of the polluted lake and mob those lycos up for some tasty between brackets grinding! 


Once you reach 135 the forest miners and red buchis are mainly purple in the forest miner town areas.


At level 140 you'll find just west of the miners town are many many forest miner Warriors and tamed red buchis to exp on.


If you're still not getting v1/v2 parties by level 150 the orcs are purple in preparation to ruin your nado dreams!


Gogo 160! If anyone has information to share for any level brackets feel free to list below.

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I would like to point out that option C) Is completely worthless the moment you hit level 70 due to lizardmen giving a pitiful amount of xp ( about 0.02% per hit per lizardman) a decent alternative that I have found is grinding the orc warriors outside west windmill village till level 80. ( Thock gives you the quest at level 80 not level 83

Note that Blade and Fist Warriors suffer the most during the 70-80 bracket due to not having any AOE abilites yet and Skeleton Shamans being completely impossible for them to solo due to drawing additional aggro from the Archers and Rangers surrounding them. Grinding the skeletons in the wasteland outside of the quest is also nearly pointless since they like lizardmen give you at most 0.05% all the time.

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Great review! Thanks for posting and welcome to turf battles! ;)

One of the stranger things about this game is it's ability to divide the exp based on risk vs reward and solo vs team play.

Your observations I agree with most are when saying:

1)melee suffer the most

2)wasteland Isn't really worth at level 70

3)lizards and skeletons nearly give the same exp


My responses

1) most veterans start the game as a red or blue mage so they can kite hundreds of monsters. There once was a skill set much like masters and transformation skills. At level 40 we would use a leaf item to purchase gear and books for SPLASH skills on melee. This CURRENTLY doesn't exist.

2) thanks for the orcs outside west windmill I will be adding this to the list.

3)the new brackets are geared towards the rewards and opportunities in the zone. For example; in wasteland we have PK areas, new Fame opportunities, repeatable quests and storyline staple quests.

I appreciate you using my guide and reviewing it for further tweeking!

I hope it helped ^-^

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