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-Discord- NoahHero#8088,Skype-NoahHero,if you are interested in something,get in touch with me anytime

<sold>3xg3 desau
- 6xg2 Desau Amulet(260 ea) or trade g2 desau for 8xsup seps ea

<sold>8/6/6/6 psa/dam/asr/drop g11 band

- 14/15 def/dam apli cap(260) or trade cap for 8xsup seps

- lv200 soul charm(600) or trade this for 20xsup seps

- +10 ulti staff(3000)
- 18/12/10 msa/ma/min ablaze staff(3000)

- trade +10 fab stick for +10 acura gaunt

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