Season 5 so far.

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So a new Season started and already im noticing some stuff that wasn't there in the previous seasons and it impacts early game.
1. Monsters are faster than you.
This is noticable in early levels when playing a mage/archer, I keep getting hit at least once by mobs that never hit me in the previous seasons before, it makes pulling stacks of mobs early a massive gamble because even with enough leeway, they still somehow reach you and can kill you.

2. War Memorial
I attribute this to the aggro changes, but in previous seasons you could easily tank the damage from the mobs the moment you got the quest if you had the Lizardman Rascal armor set that boosts your magic def really well for early game. Now mages at lvl 60, with that gear and about 1k hp are unable to tank the hits even while potting constantly with 700hp pots, probably because the witches from 3 pillars back still hit you.

3.Junior Sephiroths
As a side note, this garbage is still dilluting the drop tables of every mob in the game, nobody uses them. They are good for only 1 thing and that is vendor trash. Since the fantastic gem vendor got released, make the same idea with the junior gems. Trade in 10 junior gems to get 5 regular ones (seph, RH, BH) it will make acquisition of these gems for new players or people who want an alternative before East Lad 160+ easier. Otherwise remove junior sephs from the drop table entirely and stuff actual seph gems in their place from Swamp mobs onwards.


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I agree with #3, alot of players already began quiting the game..... 160-200 is dead not sure if shockdot can do anything about it but there has to be something done. People invest money into this game hoping to use there new gear or whatever to pvp and it sucks to say that there isn't really much pvp besides 200+. Soccer field is dead too its people crazy. 

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