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Few questions/suggestions

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1)Hey, it's kinda anoying to relog each time i want leave Vylock.
Can you make an option to teleport from there?

2) Why the monsters in Delphi v1 has no exp?

3) Hawkeyes that expensive on purpose? i don't find any reason to make that 200k... Just want to know how much time to kill a boss!

4) I think there has to be another way to train from level 70 to 100 other than Wasteland quest.

I agree that the quest should be the fastest way but, there should be a place with more mobs that we can lure and kill if we play solo. (Just my opinion)

And swamp should have more mobs.

That's all for now.

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1.) Vylock is a special area and there are crystal shifters that allow you to teleport to the area, but not from the area. We are open to changing this due to us now taking away most of the power of Vylock, due to all the crashes we are focusing on the main Ladianes and Veros area for future content.


2.) Delphi V1 monsters have no exp because the Eggs are supposed to be the main source of exp, the monsters also have a high respawn rate so it would be very difficult to balance the exp in there.


3.) Hawkeyes were 300k, and reduced to 200k. They are expensive to provide a leni sink. Remember 1 Refill of potions costs 2.2 million Leni. I think it's quite fair.


4.) I am happy to add some new areas between 70-100 in Veros. For now if you go a little north of East Windmill Village (at the village teleporters) there are level 70+ monsters there too.

Swamp is able to be tp'ed to and from, you can tp to any location in swamp. there are a lot of monsters there.





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