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Trans gem island

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Recently I saw a GM talking about how hyper engines configured our trans gem farming...


We used to take lad castle to unlock that island for us, and each room had different gems... Foggy, shua... Mediocre borna... Etc!


The gm said "we're thinking about something like this"


Anyways I have a few suggestions on how to bring trans gems into the game in traditional tb fashion.


1) 160-200 nado

This doesn't have to be on the tornado turf, but imo tornado is best.

The suggestion is as follows:

Our 160-200 bracket sees some of the best end game content without actually reaching endgame. This is the very same thought that brought about karebear island.

"Lower level players can't compete for gems with fully geared players"

Also part 2 includes leaving trans river as a fame/low return farm spot.

This gives 160-200 the opportunity to farm trans skills before they have the RC to max while keeping Endgame's farm in tact. Forcing repeatability for 160-200 due to the lack of output from river.


2) delphiroth castle.

We all know that there's not enough room in the lad castle model we see in the world instance to fit the lad war inside... Obviously, this is another map...

Much like lad castle, Delphiroth castle could have island mechanics and alternative interior. Say, duplicate lad castle infrastructure and Change the texture to v1.


3) obtaining a hau box is PURE RNG.

Perhaps giving players weight from tanking or dpsing hau can give more reliable results. Last hit rewards aren't always appropriate when monsters have 10 million hp.


Anyways, good luck balancing and making our game great again!

So far so good~~


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