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17/12/12/12 Glacies Stick  
17/12 Sleeve  
16/13 sleeve  
16/13 Cap  
15/12 Sandal 
15/14 gown  
8/7 Msa Ma G11 Neck  
2x 8/6/6   Ma dam Drop G11 Bands
2x 7/8/6   Def Dam Dodge G11 ring
1x 7/7/6   Def Dam Dodge G11 ring
1x 7/7/5   Def Dam Dodge G11 ring
1x 8/5/5/5 Psa Dam Asr Dex G11 Band
3x G2 Desaus
1x 9/8 Sephgown
1x 92 Lycanthrope Pet
1x 79 Black mini
1x 92 Black Dragon
1x 100 Black Monkey

Trade 1.700.000.000 Leni for EC


Add me on Discord if interested   Bones#7778

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