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Lords of the Isles

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Every weekend from XX to XX, Tribes are encourage to take ownership of the Island Turfs for as long as possible, capturing them and then defending them from invading Tribes! The Tribes who are most successful in this task are rewarded for their strength and coordination!



  • Encourage competition across all island brackets
  • Encourage in-Tribe coordination and strategy
  • Invigorate competition in lower level brackets



  • Tribes who dominated a single/few Island Turfs gain +1 drops in those brackets only
  • Tribes who dominated all Island Turfs gain +1 drops in all brackets (does not stack with above)
  • Tribe experience/level


Every weekend between set hours *possibly 12-24 hours to allow global involvement* the 6 Islands Turfs of Iah, Shuy, Kando, Duan, and Rue are made available on a channel they are normally closed with their respective original level brackets. During this time Tribes will compete to capture each of the 6 islands and hold them for as long as possible / kill the guardian more times than any other Tribe *depends on which is easier for coding purposes* while fending off other invading Tribes.  Alliances do not apply in this combat. At the end of the set time, the islands on that channel are closed off once again and results tabulated. There are two methods of winning in this event: Which Tribe owned/killed guardian the most per individual Island the longest and which Tribe owned all of the Islands collectively the longest/killed most guardians on each Island Turf. To that end there can be up to 7 Tribes designated Lords of the Isles or possibly only a single Tribe if they were able to dominate all 6 Island Turfs. However the increase drop of +1 does not stack between the singular and the collective. I will provide some examples below. 


Examples: (read hrs as guardian kills for alternative method)

Tribe A: 5hr Iah, 6hr Shuy, 7hr Kando, 3hr Duan, 4hr Rue
Tribe B: 3hr Iah, 7hr Shuy, 2hr Kando, 4hr Duan, 4hr Rue
Tribe C: 0hr Iah, 2hr Shuy, 4hr Kando, 2hr Duan, 8hr Rue
Tribe D: 6hr Iah, 1hr Shuy, 0hr Kando, 0hr Duan, 0hr Rue

In the above list, only Tribe A and Tribe B qualify for the +1 drops reward as they owned all 6 islands at one point. Tribe A would win the collective reward of +1 drops on all Island Turfs as they have a total of 25hr across all six while Tribe B only a total of 20hr across all six. Meanwhile, Tribe D with 6 hours on Iah would win the +1 drops on only the 40-90 bracket island. Tribe B would win Shuy with 7 hours for the 90-120 bracket. Tribe A would also win the Kando 120-160 bracket but the reward would not stack (no +2). Tribe B would also win the Duan 160-200 bracket but then Tribe C would win the 200+ bracket on Rue.

However lets say there was a fifth Tribe E.

Tribe E: 7hr Iah, 8hr Shuy, 8hr Kando, 5hr Duan, 9hr Rue

In this scenario, Tribe E and only Tribe E would get bonus +1 drops on every Island Turf as not only did they get the most collective time/kills for that reward, but they also beat every Tribes' individual results. While the rewards would still not stack, they would prevent all other Tribes from gaining the bonus while having prestige of being that dominate.


Final note: This bonus should only apply if your Tribe owns an Island and not if your Ally does. You are the Lord afterall, not your ally.

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Sounds like a good idea, will be good to have some mini game type like events. 

But im just worried about the lag with all those people lol 

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