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What did you like about g12s?

  • It was New who doesn't like that.
  • Upgrading the different stats, you could go for more crit, more stat points.
  • The buffing and debuffing features they had. A rm that didn't need a BBM on his side to actually kill a player. 
  • The extra stat points you could obtain made it possible to go for some white or yellow buffs

What didn’t you like about g12s?

  • Upgrading the production skills potion brewing is way to hard.
  • Share crafter account some player's just did not get access to the account. So needed to wait for a person to come online that had access to it and the time to do it.
  • The ammount of delph gems you needed. Delph gems should only be used to replace a stat like mana recovery for dex or something. 
  • The seph pouches breaking on g9 gear to sub all your stats to the max. Hours and hours farming to brainless break g9 gear.

100% Yes!!!!! skip g12 gear. Give us a new grade of gear, which hasn't been on eonic games yet.

Do you have any ideas that could be cool features to be added with the new items?

  • Farming spots for the new gear
  • New Effects on the gear (not the same as g12)
  • A new type of Instance, where players can obtain the gear from bosses already stated! For example 8/8/8/8 and alway's def/dam 
  • reduce the time's between war's the game need more pvp all player's from different timezone's need to have the change to join the war's and own castle.
  • Change frozenland. Winning nation get's more xp from bosses but both nation can lvl toghetter. The system right now is shit. Player's need to make sure there client is open so they are in same nation as tribe mate's. Nation System is random and player's in booth or pet hotel are also in it.
  • More PVP event's like the tournament at the end off a season. In the weekend with live streaming this stream live on social media can bring more player's to the game.
  • complete instances 100x in time get's a reward.
  • remove the fame system now you just can not pk player's who steal your mobs in east lad.
  • New PVP zone's for 5 vs 5
  • Remove the potion limit for subs player's it's still p2w
  • Give us a New user interface. 
  • Open frozenland on Server 3 for boss hunting where player's can use party call up scrolls to clear enemy on boss and actually kill it for the drops. Instead off +4 g11 drops make it reforged g11's. This will make player's farm for the reforge skill.
  • More announcement and invite ppl to eonic discord.


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all classes need to be balanced  Archer so op  easy pk all class 

Fist +8 set 8/5 rings g3 g3 g2 desau  1250 vit easy die plzz need buff hp and def


and i support g12.5 one stat and RH BT  use or SC 


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  • İnsanlara bir cevap vermeniz gerekiyor, bir ay boyunca çalışıyoruz ve +8 ekipman yapıyoruz. ne yapacağımıza karar verelim 



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Thanks everyone for the feedback, we'll be locking this topic now. We've made a new topic where players can read what's going on with the new items and can vote on how stats are chosen/upgraded, please go and vote!


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