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All Class Balance Suggestions

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Dear @shockdot,


I have a few suggestions to make for the all class balance system in turf battles. 

I played many games in the past, pretty much all the games I've played follow one rule of thumb, 

which is ,

  • For class built with high damage, they must sacrifice for their defence, which means they are squishier, such as mages and ADCs.
  • For class built for tanking and support, such as warriors and tanks, very high defence but they are usually slow, and not supposed to cast high damage.
  • For class such as melee assassins, they are able to run fast and crit high damage, and seckill the squishy. But they usually have the lowest defence. 


However if we look back at the current facts for all classes in turf battles.

  • Blades are indeed tanky, but they are able to cast high damage, and they can use dragon blood to run fast.  (Imbalance)
  • Fists are indeed equipped with high moving speed and attack speed, but they are also way too tanky, sort of like a semi-blade. They are apparently assassins in nature, so if you classify them as melee assassins, they are not supposed to be tankier than all the other classes. (Imbalance)
  • Archers can cast high damage and high crit, and they are indeed squishy in current server. (Balance)  
  • Mages(Rm, Bm) mages are squishy in this game, but the damage is still lower compared to mages in other games . (Semi-Blance)


Based on the above logics,  I have a few suggestions:

  • For Blades: keep them being as tanky, but please reduce more on their attacking power and, make sure their move speed is the same as others.

              Reasons: if blades work as a tank, then their job is just to tank in the front line, and not supposed to much damage. 


  • For Fists: keep the high attacking speed and move speed (warp speed), but please reduce much more on their base defence/magic defence. 

             Reasons: if fists function as assassins, their job is to seckill the squishy within the shortest time. But they must be very squishy so that others are still be able to counter fists. 


  • For Archers: the damage and crit could be more aggressive, but must be compensated by having lower defence/magic defence.

             Reasons: Pretty much all the ADCs are knowns for the high critical damage, so archers could be given higher crits in turf battles. But they have to be low in defence. 


  • For mages:  mages have an issue, that is they need to stack skills to be able to do damage, which takes a lot of time. It will be better to give them even higher ap, but also much lower defence.

            Reasons:  mages are a bit complicated existence, because in turf battles the projectile skills have very long range and traceable, therefore there is no escaping skill in turf battles. Another thing is mages need a great combo to be able to do damage, a single skill usually does no damage. In this regards, since mages have low moving speed, and it takes time to do damage, it's probably better to increase the mages attacking power more, but to reduce the defence more too. 


Hope it makes sense and provides some insights. Thanks!

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I LOVE these suggestions as it is a simple one. Tanks should TANK and glass cannon DPS should do damage output and kill but also be killed easily.

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