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Progression issues

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After a long hiatus from the game I came back to check the solo experience and the new content, naturally there are still some issues that need to be ironed out before you even consider putting this game up on steam.

The good:

The 1 - 100 leveling experience is improved greatly so good job on that, the only issue I see is that the Traveller part 12 requirement for "Vast Staff from Ancient Bogles" never seems to drop and the later quests are quite grindy.

The bad:

  • Still no consistent way to get the gems for your master skills outside of islands, player shops or until you hit tainted land ( but that's a whole different can of worms)
  • The new 100 + quests are still grindy as hell and the courage medal merchant is still useless for most of the stuff he offers since the G10 armor pieces can be gained at an earlier 1 - 100 questline

The tainted (land):

The entire are is still a trashfire both to farm experience and the orbs to get gem pouches, here's why:

  • All the mobs from the monkeys to the devils aggro you from the moment you get within line of sight of them
  • All the mobs are fast as fuck, have ranged magic or extremely long melee attacks which means they constantly hit you and they hit you hard. On the test server at max level with near maxed magic def I still get chunked hard on a fist with almost 1/5th of my health per attack.
  • The entire experience is shit so everyone is better off skipping it for frozenland and the new delph stuff

My suggestions:

Outside of Vylock remove the junior gem drops from the cobolts, lycos, fish etc. replace them with the proper master skill gems
Cobolts get regular seph gems, lycos get sorcery/magic, fish and crabs get seph choice and forest miner mobs get divine gems.
Remove every single ranged magic damage that isn't a boss from tainted land, reduce the speed of the mobs and their attack range to they are kitable properly. Alternatively add gem pouches to the courage medal merchant or better master skill books ( nobody gives a shit about lvl 7/8 defensive master skill books that early)


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