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Archer items.

17-17-16-14 psa asr crit pa bow 

18-13-12 def crit dam garb 

16-12 cap 

17-12 sandal 

2x 17-12 slevelet 

4x 500 lvl earring 

6x g3 desau 

1000 lvl soul charm and 223 lvl

8/8/8 neck 

8/7/7 and 8/7/6 band psa dam asr 

2x 8/8 and 2x 8/7 ring 


Blade items.

 17-13-13-13 sword

17-12-12 garb 

17-12 helmet 

17-11-11 shield 

17-12 vamb and 16-13 vamb 

16-12 boots 

8/7/5/5  neck psa pa asr drop 

8/5/5/5 2x band 

4x 8//5 ring 

100 lvl pet

93 lvl white monkey 




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