Things To Come

Hello everyone, we've decided to give everyone a brief glimpse at what is being worked on with Turf Battles for the next update. Hopefully everyone enjoys the changes. Please note this is just a glimpse, and does not have all the information like our usual updates.


G13 Equipment

Everyone knows we are working on G13 equipment (Clonium), but we've prepared a short little video to introduce everyone to the new sets. Please note the following items are at max levels (there are different glows). We are currently working/testing the content around G13's, how to obtain them, the upgrading system for them, and a variety of new set effects.


Steam Application

In the past, steam required that their own API's and systems be integrated into the games that were part of the steam greenlight project. However, it now seems that this requirement has changed. This has enabled us to be able to apply to have Turf Battles featured on Steam, without the major work required when it comes to implementing the API's into the client. We are currently awaiting approval from Steam for our application.


Quest Lines

Turf Battles always reaches a point where players are, for the most part, high levels. As a result, it can be tough for new players to catch up in terms of levels. Not only this, but it can be a little confusing. We've developed quest lines that better educate new players on the mechanics of the games, the different systems, and how to progress. These quest lines should make users able to solo level (if they so choose) from levels 1 - 160.


Back-End Changes

In preparation for our acceptance into Steam, we have been re-working very old systems that were a drain on resources and limited us for future growth (systems that have been minimally changed since TB was released). These kinds of changes shouldn't be anything that is super noticeable to players as they are optimizations, but lead the pathway for new content. The following systems may be affected:

  • Portal System
  • Basic Skills
  • Master Skills
  • Transformation Skills
  • Some Items (Specifically ones that can be used, not equipment)
  • PvP
    • We're looking into changing how the server determines if a player can damage other players. This is so that we no longer need to remove users from a party every time a war or PvP based event starts.
  • Stats System
    • This has to do with things like STR, DEX, VIT, Move Speed, Attack Power, etc. This change should not be noticeable at all to players, but the change is a huge optimization and was necessary.
  • Bug Fixes


Eonic Games Launcher

Quite some time ago, we announced that we were developing a new Launcher. Unfortunately, this was side tracked as development for Turf Battles was building up. There was simply not enough time to work on this project. However, we decided with the possibility of us having a steam release that it was time for this puppy to dust itself off. We have partnered with an outside company to develop the launcher client, and will be developing the launcher server in house. Both projects are currently about half way complete, and we are meeting regular milestones. We hope to have the launcher completed and in beta testing sometime in September, and released prior to our steam launch.

For those of you that have never seen a picture of the launcher, the following is a recent picture of the launcher itself.