Level 13 Equipment

Hello everyone we are happy to announce that we are ready to move forward with an official test server release date for the new level 13 equipment and content revolving around this new equipment. We plan to have the test server updated with the latest content on November 14th. We expect that the content will remain available on the Test Server for roughly 1-2 weeks in order to allow players to evaluate the changes, provide feedback, and allow us time to make fixes and/or adjustments to the content (if needed).

The following patch notes describe all of the content that will be released on to the test server. Some new content that does not require testing (such as new events, pets, etc) and as such will not be present during the testing period. These updates will be posted when the changes are applied to the live server.

Please note that some changes between now and then might occur, mostly due to player comments & suggestions regarding this post. These changes, if any, will be properly documented on the day of the test server release (but most will likely be publicly discussed either in game, on the forums, or via Discord ahead of time).


Mystic Server Changes

  • Level 350
    • We will be increasing the level limit on the Mystic Server to level 350. This change was to accommodate the release of the new equipment and content involved around it.


  • Catastropha Island, Catastropha Cavern, Catastropha Room, and Delphiroth Floor 4
    • We have re-enabled all of this content (except for level 12 equipment and level 12 materials) that was disabled for the Mystic server.


  • Level 12 Materials and Equipment
    • With the addition of level 12 equipment, we have been struggling with the idea of implementing level 12 equipment on the Mystic Server. From our point of view, it makes little sense to release level 13 equipment, but not add level 12 equipment.
    • That being said, we have decided to allow the players to voice their opinions on level 12 equipment being added. If enough players say they want to see level 12 equipment on the mystic server, we will do so. Otherwise, it will remain disabled.


All Server Changes

  • Level 13 Equipment
    • Based on player feedback, we have made the new equipment for players level 301-350.
    • As outlined in previous articles and forum posts, the new g13 set will be using a similar stat system to level 1-9/level 12 items. However, we have removed stats that are uncommonly used (such as Mana Regen), which should allow for each item to be easily given “perfect stats”. The following is a list of all available stats:
      • Physical Weapons: Physical Skill Attack, Physical Attack, Critical Rate, Hit Rate
      • Magic Weapons: Magic Skill Attack, Magic Attack, Min Damage, Max Damage
      • Shields: Block Rate, Hit Rate, Defense Against Magic, Strength
      • Physical Chests Pieces: Defense, Defense Against Magic, Vitality, Critical Rate
      • Magic Chest Pieces: Defense, Defense Against Magic, Vitality, Magic Stat (Red or Blue depending on your class)
      • All Others: Defense, Defense Against Magic, Strength, Dexterity
    • Similar to level 12 items, stats will be able to be upgraded up to level 20 and will have similar success rates to level 12 items. Please keep in mind that reduced possibility of unwanted stats does make it easier to progress through equipment upgrading.
    • As per player feedback, we have created a total of 2 new gems (each with a Supreme and Fantastic counterpart) that are to be used for upgrading the new items. These gems can only be used on the Clonium equipment.
      • Clonium Gem
      • Clonium Choice Gem
      • Supreme Clonium Gem
      • Supreme Clonium Choice Gem
      • Fantastic Clonium Gem
      • Fantastic Clonium Choice Gem
    • In order to maintain the value of Sephiroth & Sephiroth Choice gems throughout all level brackets, players will still be able to use Sephiroth & Sephiroth Choice gems to upgrade level 13 equipment (if they want), but only up to level 12 and they will have a 20% less success rate than the Clonium gems.
    • One of the main concerns players voiced when it came to level 12 equipment, was that the crafting system was complex in nature and the only efficient way to create level 12 equipment. Due to this fact, we have made level 13 equipment able to be obtained through one of two methods:
      • Monster Drops – All level 13 items will be able to be dropped within Delphiroth Floor 5 and through different boss-based events.
      • Crafting – The crafting mechanics behind level 13 items have been drastically simplified in comparison to the other crafting systems. Players will only need to find one type of material, Clonium Essence, in order to craft a level 13 item.


  • Pet Island
    • Human and Nephilim alike should be weary on this island as the ghost pets roaming around do not take kindly to their unwelcome presence.
    • Pet Island is a level 301-350 island and it will be the only island that can be used to farm Clonium gems (in addition to Clonium Essence).
    • Monsters will also have the possibility of dropping Magic, Sorcery, and divine gems as these are needed to place stats on Clonium Equipment.


  • Delphiroth Floor 5
    • Delphiorth Floor 5 is being added into the game.
    • This zone will be a strictly 300-350 area and will be the only area in which you can farm level 13 equipment from monsters.
    • The area will also serve as another alternative levelling area for this level bracket.
    • In addition, monsters will have chances to drop the previously discussed Clonium gems (with lower rates than on Pet Island, of course).


  • Quests
    • Turf Battles always reaches a point where players are, for the most part, high levels. As a result, it can be tough for new players to catch up in terms of levels. Not only this, but it can be a little confusing. We've developed quest lines that better educate new players on the mechanics of the games, the different systems, and how to progress. These quest lines should make users able to solo level (if they so choose) from levels 1 - 160.
    • During the 1-100 quest line, the new NPC’s involved will have “Level 1-100 Quest Line” next to their names.


  • Back-End Changes
    • There has been a large re-work of most of our systems. The primary goal of this is to improve the efficiency of the server as well as fix various bugs/issues and pave the way for additional (easier to implement) changes in the future. For example, we have shifted how items are used to a new more efficient system.
    • We noted many of these changes in our previous post, so we won’t go into additional detail regarding the subject.
    • However, back-end changes continue to be implemented and if anyone notices any issues/bugs… please let us know and we will look into them.


  • Other
    • We're aware that players want to see some balance changes surrounding certain classes (primarily fist warriors). So this is something we're looking into.
    • As noted in the "Back-End Changes" section, there has been a large re-work of most of our systems. The primary goal of this is to improve the efficiency of the server as well as fix various bugs/issues and pave the way for additional (easier to implement) changes in the future.


Game Launcher

  • The first phase of the game launcher is complete and we have started the second phase of development. The second phase is mostly to add features that weren’t thought of during the original development process (such as being able to login with multiple accounts). Once the launcher is completed, we will be releasing it in a beta phase for users, and eventually players will only be able to launch the game using this new launcher.
  • Once the launcher has been released, players will be happy to hear that you will have the option to change not only the launchers language… but also the game language! To be clear, this would not be a partial translation, but a full translation of the game! We have started the process of translating the game into Korean so that we are able to offer both English and Korean as supported languages for the game. However, we are very open to the idea of offering other languages and if users are interested in helping make this possible, we will be asking for volunteers to translate at that time.
  • The following is a short video of the launcher at the end of the first phase showing some of the features available with the launcher.