Mystic Server Bug

Hello everyone, earlier today our systems detected unusual activities with different user accounts on the Mystic Server. After a little investigation, we found that all the accounts involved were being used by the same individual and were being used with a Leni bug. We have banned all the accounts registered and owned by this user.

Luckily, the game was programmed to log almost every important action in the game. This enabled us to quickly isolate the problem, shut the servers down, reproduce it, fix it, and track all transactions that were created from this bug.

Unfortunately, we had to keep the servers offline while we resolved this issue and reverted any damages to the economy that it might have produced. That being said, we have tried our best to not revert trades/sales that may have occured if at all possible. The following actions have been taken:

  • All accounts that had Leni that was produced through the bug, have had the Leni removed.
  • If for some reason you no longer had the Leni (for example you traded it to your main account), the Leni was removed from your main account (or other accounts you own). This situation did not happen often.
    • If you traded the Leni for items, we looked to see if you had enough leni throughout all of your accounts to cover the bugged leni amount.
      • If you did, that Leni was removed instead of reverting the trade/purchase.
      • Unfortuantely, if you did not have enough Leni... We were forced to rollback that specific trade/purchase. (This only happened for 1 person).
  • All items that were traded for bugged Leni that could not be covered, have had the trades reverted.
    • In order get the server online faster, we will be starting the server without returning the items right away. Then while the server is online, we will be going into each user who should have received items back and giving them their missing items.


We had planned to release G13 crafting today on the Test Server. Unfortunately, dealing with the above issues has/continues to take up most of our attention for today. The test server update is being pushed until tomorrow morning.