Season 2 Content

Season 2 is quickly approaching, are you prepared? As promised we are here to announce some of the core changes that will be taking place during the Season Server.


This time around we decided to do things a little different; we are planning on releasing various content patches during Season 2. This means that you will be seeing more content that has not yet been announced, further along into Season 2. Please note that everything listed below will be released at the start of Season 2 (only on the Season 2 server, unless otherwise noted).


Once Season 2 is complete, ALL the below listed changes will be moved to the Triumphus server.


Monster/EXP System Changes

  • ALL Monsters now give different EXP boosts depending on the color of their names.
    • Orange: 35% Increase to EXP
    • Purple: 50% Increase to EXP
    • Yellow: 20% Increase to EXP
    • Blue, Gray, Red: 0 EXP Gained
  • Monsters with “Boss” or “Empowered” title will give the same EXP no matter the color of the name, up until the point where they should give 0 EXP. (Such as Tiaz monsters, FrozenLand, Bosses, SSC, Eggs, Rampao Floor 1, Color Zone Bosses, etc)
  • Base EXP of many monsters has been increased:
    • Various Level 1-100 Monsters have received an 100% EXP Boost
    • Swamp Lizards (Rascals, Giants, Captains) have received a 50% EXP Boost
    • Wasteland Shamans have received a 50% EXP Boost
    • ALL of East Ladianes monsters have received a 100% EXP Boost.


Boss Events

  • Several different types of random Giant Bosses will be spawning in game on Channel 3 at completely random times (sometimes hours apart, sometimes days) for up to 30 minutes.
  • Players must group together to kill the boss 
  • These bosses drop some pretty decent loot such as: Level 11 Items, Skill Books, Gems, etc.
  • The most valuable (rare but possible to obtain) drop you will be able to receive from these bosses is.... Mini-Boss Eggs!
  • Mini-Boss Eggs hatch at level 25 into Mini-Boss Pets (miniature versions of the boss you got the egg from).
  • Mini-Bosses work the same way as Final Evolution pets all the way from level 25 to level 100!


Buff Daily Quests

  • We have removed the free to play buff drops from monsters such as the Mutated Fish.
  • Instead we have added new Daily Quests that can be completed for buff rewards once every 24 hours.
  • These new buffs cannot be traded between characters.


Subscription Changes (Being applied to both Triumphus & Season Servers)

  • Subscriptions will now be activated across ALL characters on an account, instead of just 1.
  • Subscription Tokens
    • Subscription Tokens are an in game item that will add 30 days of Subscription time to your account.
    • These CAN be traded! 
    • Can be purchased on the website Item Mall and will be sent to your Donation Box.
  • Subscription Pet Bonus
    • Pets will no longer runaway if you are a Subscribed user & forget to feed your pet.
    • Pets WILL still get hungry, and can STILL be fed. This is so you can still evolve your pet how you want by feeding it certain pet foods, as well as change their colors.
    • Once a pet reaches 0 pet hunger, it will not run away.

Subscription Token


NPC Changes

  • Firecracker Merchant
    • Renamed to Firework merchant.
    • He will now sell Fireworks during select times of the year (such as Christmas/New Years) for Leni, visit him to find out when he will be open for business.


  • Subscription Merchant
    • We have added a new NPC to Ladianes, Veros, and Vylock Supply Unit called the Subscription Merchant.
    • Only users who have an active subscription will be able to use this store.
    • He sells Combat Boosters & Progress Boosters in stacks of 30 (these buffs that do not expire on death & do not expire on logout).
      • Combat Booster Effects (10 minute duration & can not be stacked with buff counterparts, TC bought or otherwise)
        • 10% Attack Power
        • +10% Magic Defense
        • +10% Movement Speed
        • +3000 Maximum Health
        • +1000 Maximum Mana
        • x3 Soul Shard Rewards
      • Progress Booster Effects (1 hour duration & can not be stacked with buff counterparts, TC bought or otherwise)
        • 50% Experience
        • x2 Double Pet Experience
        • +100% Drop Rate

Subscription Merchant


Buff Changes

  • We have added buff icon displays for the following buffs:
    • Combat Booster
    • Progress Booster
    • X2 Soul Shards
    • X3 Soul Shards
    • Transformation Cards
    • Production EXP Scrolls
    • Drop Rate Scrolls
    • Castle Drop Rate Buff
    • Castle EXP Rate Buff
    • Castle Pet EXP Rate Buff
  • We have changed the Buff Icons for the following Buffs:
    • TC Magic Defense Scroll
    • TC 1K MP Scroll
    • TC 3K HP Scroll
    • 1000 HP Meat
    • 2000 HP Meat
  • The 2000 free to play HP Meat buff now lasts 5 minutes instead of 2.


Item Changes

  • The following items have received a name change:
    • 1000 HP Meat: Enchanted Fish Meat - Grade 1
    • 2000 HP Meat: Enchanted Fish Meat - Grade 2
    • 15% EXP Scroll: Experience Scroll – Grade 1
    • 30% EXP Scroll: Experience Scroll – Grade 2
    • 50% EXP Scroll: Experience Scroll – Grade 3
    • Firecracker: Attack Power Potion
  • We have added on to the description of some commonly used items so as to include complete effects & durations.
  • When viewing an item in an NPC store, if you are unable to select the amount (such as with the Turf Shop), hovering over an item will now tell you how many will be purchased.


Level 12 Equipment & Level 12 Item Crafting

  • Level 12 equipment has finally arrived in Turf Battles!
  • Level 12 equipment can only be used by players who are level 201+ and who have the required stat points allocated.
  • Level 12 equipment can ONLY be crafted and will NOT drop from monsters.
  • Each Level 12 Set has different set bonuses depending on the amount of set pieces you have equipped.
  • To craft level 12 Items you will need to speak to Arny the blacksmith in West Windmill Village (Blade Village).
  • Level 12 equipment can be given stats using Magic & Sorcery gems.
  • Level 12 equipment can be upgraded using Sephiroth Gems, Sephiroth Choice Gems, & their respective counterparts.
  • Level 12 equipment stats go all the way up to level 20!
    • Don't let this scare you; we've set the upgrade rates fairly so that you can achieve these levels.
    • Upgrading is safe for each stat up to level 5 or 6 (depending on the item type), but the success drop off scales much smaller than with other items. Making levels 1-10 very easy, 10-15 normal, and finally 15-20 a challenge.
  • All the raw materials (and some refined) that are required to make level 12 items can be found from killing various monsters/bosses throughout the game.
  • In order to craft level 12 equipment, you will need level 100 Refining, Level 100 Potion Brewing, & Level 100 Blacksmithing.

Level 12 Equipment


Rampao Temple Instance

  • Rampao Temple is our newest instance dungeon. 
  • Players will be able to enter Rampao Temple through levels 180-240 with a party.
  • Rampao Temple continues the story of the Army of the Dead, a quest line that introduces you to the Suffering Soul Cave instance.


Other Changes/Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused some Buff Icons to not refresh when you used the buff again.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that prevented users from being able to see the glow on other players Level 1 – Level 10 weapons.
  • We are experimenting with ways to speed up Production Skill progression, but this has not yet been finalized.