Clonium Going Live

Merry Christmas everyone, we hope that you all enjoyed your holidays. Today we are restarting the Mystic & Triumphus server to update them with the latest test server version. Yes, that means Clonium equipment will now be on the Mystic and Triumphus Servers!


Players who aren’t aware of these changes can follow all the updates that were released on the Test Server by reading the following articles in order:


In addition to these changes the following updates have been applied…


Christmas Event

  • We’ve made some small changes to the Christmas Event; to make it more festive and enjoyable for the players.
  • Players will no longer receive Instance Coins from the Christmas Gift Box…
  • Snowballs can be collected either from the Christmas Gift Box or from completing Santa’s Daily quest.
  • Snowballs cannot be traded, but once you collect 100 you can use them to unlock a new Cosmetic Overload, a Snowman Mask! The Snowman Mask can only be unlocked by using 100 Snowball’s, it cannot be purchased.
  • We have also added a seasonal costume in the “Full Body” section, a Santa Doll costume. This costume can be purchased for 250 TC.
  • Players only have until the Christmas Event ends to unlock both the Snowman mask and the Santa Doll costume, after that they will no longer be able to be purchased/obtained through Snowballs or the Loadout store.
  • To be clear, if you unlock them before the event ends. You get to keep them!
Snowman Mask Santa Doll Costume


Clonium Items

  • The requirements for Clonium Items have been changed to 276 instead of 275. This was done to prevent users from being able to use the set in the 200-275 Bracket.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented Fiend from applying the Marked for Death debuff.


Triumphus Only Changes

  • We have added G13 drops to the Vice Queen.
  • We have added G13 drops to the Evangelin Boss.



  • A Soul Shard Buff has been added to the Subscription Shop.
  • All the Quests from the 1-160 Quest Lines have been added.


Pet Mutation Perk

  • We have removed the 2nd Pet Mutation Perk from our stores. If you owned a 2nd Pet Mutation perk, we will refund you 150 eCoins once you open a ticket.
  • We have reduced the cost of the Pet Mutation Perk from 600 eCoins to 300 eCoins.
  • The Hellhound pet has been added to the possible Pet Mutation list.
  • If you purchased a Pet Mutation Perk within the last 7 days for 600 eCoins, we will refund you 300 eCoins once you open a ticket.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused level 25 tribes to be level 24 tribes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented account unlocking.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Delphiroth Floor 4 Boss room doors from being used.
  • Fixed Pet Island loading so that it only works on only Channel 1.


December 28 Changes

  • Pet Island Changes
    • Pet Island is now on Channel 2 and 3 instead of Channel 1.
    • Pet Island monster drop rate has been reduced, but their spawn rate has been greatly increased.
    • The new system works similar to how Ghost Castle works.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with EXP buffs that prevented them from having any effect.
    • Fixed a bug with Aquamarine Gems that prevented them from being used.
    • Fixed a bug with Vice Equipment on the Triumphus Server that prevented them from working.
    • Fixed Frozenland War, it now starts as expected.
    • Fixed Pet stat points. If you lost points due to the last update, they have been automatically added back... However, you have to re-allocate them.
    • Fixed a visual bug when dismissing pets that prevented AP from being updated.
    • The 300-350 Soccer Event has been removed from the Mystic Server.
    • Fixed the Demonic Sephiroth Armor Cosmetic Loadout (it was previously causing Swords to float on female characters).