January 2 Update

Christmas Event

  • We’ve reduced the cost of the Snowman Mask from 100 Snowballs down to 50 Snowballs.
  • Just a reminder, the event ends on January 5.


Balance Changes

  • General
    • Balance Changes are a regular thing and Class Changes cannot be reverted, nor can any trades you make for equipment for a new class.
    • For this reason, we do not recommend that players use Class Changes simply because their class was nerfed or changed or even because another class was nerfed or changed.
    • Even though these patches are going live, it does not mean they will not be changed, adjusted, or in some rare cases reverted later on.
    • If you feel your class is lackluster, the answer isn’t to use a Class Change… It’s to voice your concerns and have them addressed.
    • We welcome all feedback.
  • Blade Warrior
    • We’ve received quite a few complaints saying Blades are a bit over tuned, too tanky and damage is too high.
    • Blades are meant to be tank, as they are tanks… However, we do believe their health pool can be a contributing factor to their overall sustainability. As such as we have lowered their health as such:
      • VIT now gives 8 HP per point up to 650 VIT, instead of 9.2.
      • Levels now give 9 HP per level, instead of 10.
    • We’ve reduced their AP gains from STR from 1.15 per point to 1 per point.



  • In the G13 release we forgot to mention that the Portal system has received some changes.
  • There are now limit on how many portal locations you can save per character.
  • Every character unlocks 1 new available portal for every 5 levels they have, so at 300 you can have 60 Portals saved.
  • Subscription users gain access to an additional 40 available portal slots automatically.


Monster Changes

  • Vice Queen now drops G13 items with stats 5-8 instead of with no stats.
  • Evangelin now drops G13 items with stats 6-9 instead of with no stats.
  • Evangelin Clonium Gem & Clonium materials no longer lock on pickup.
  • Pet Island monster move speed has been slightly increased.


Area Changes

  • There was a bit of a configuration issue with Areas based on their channels.
  • We may make additional changes in the future, but for now the following rules/settings have been placed for ALL non-war areas & non-Island/Turf areas.
    • Channel 1: Can PvP, but with fame loss and no rewards.
    • Channel 2: Can PvP, there is no fame loss, and you gain soul shards/pk points.
    • Channel 3: No PvP


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the Eggs inside Veros Rivers that prevented them from spawning Dragons and Fisherman after they were killed.
  • There have been a few minor localization changes & fixes for some missing quest localizations.
  • Locked Items can now be upgraded (except for items locked with a Locking Scroll).
  • Fixed a small visual bug in the Quest Window where different colored lines would appear.
  • Fixed a bug with the Anti-Toxin Pills that prevented Mana Regen while the buff was active.
  • Fixed a bug with the Anti-Toxin Pills that caused users health to go to 0 when the buff ended.
  • Fixed a bug with some equipment/buffs that prevented player stat bonuses from updating correctly when items are equipped/unequipped or buffs begin/end.
  • Fixed a bug where Sephiroth Choice gems are invisible on the floor.



  • Hyna's quest can no longer be started if you are level 100+.
  • Characters can now withdraw items from subscription warehouses if their subscription expires.
  • We’ve added additional debugging for an issue that causes the server to crash. We’ve increased the rate of data saving while we iron out what exactly caused the issue.


January 3 Update

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to use return scrolls in some PvP areas on Channel 2 (such as Delphiroth Floor 5).
  • Players can no longer do damage to the Soccer Event Crystals unless they are inside the Soccer Field.
  • Fixed a bug with the Global Anti-Toxin Pill that made it not work.
  • Clonium Choice Gems can now be pouched once again.
  • The Strength nerf for blades from this patch was now applied (it wasn’t in the previous restart).
  • Fixed a bug where you could damage members of your nation that were not in your party during the FL War or Hau.