January 10 Update

Christmas Event

  • The Christmas Event is also now over, Santa thanks you for your help.
  • The Santa Doll Costume can no longer be purchased from the Cosmetic Store.
  • All Snowballs have been removed from players characters.
  • Players who unlocked the Snowman Mask and/or purchased the Santa Doll Costume will continue to be able to use both cosmetics.


Area Changes

  • We changed the area system a bit so that we can select where return scrolls can be used.
  • Previously the system did not allow any area that rewarded PK Points or Soul Shards to be able to be returned from.
  • Now, the system will allow this in select areas (such as Delphiroth).
  • Please note that the areas that reward PK Points/Soul Shards AND allow return scrolls to be used, will require you be out of combat for at least 10 seconds.


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a seemingly random bug that caused some buffs to be removed or added twice when they were added to characters repeatedly (such as from being hit/hitting others by/with G13 equipment that added buffs or debuffs). Players commonly noticed this bug when they Move Speed reached large numbers or when their AP was drastically lowered and sometimes even went negative.
  • Mana Barrier was not being removed if a player's mana reached 0, this has been fixed.
  • We fixed the NPC option to create Fantastic Clonium Gems.