January 23 Update

Aplite & Artemis Equipment

  • We’ve reduced the Strength requirements on the Aplite & Artemis equipment (not weapons).
  • Each equipment piece of Aplite now requires 70 Strength more than its Mystic counterpart.
  • Each equipment piece of Artemis now requires 100 Strength more than its Aplite counterpart.


Murciel, Acord, Kronos, & Hyperion Equipment

  • Level 12 shields/protectors have had their base block rate reduced by 2.
  • Level 13 shields/protectors have had their base block rate reduced by 4.
  • Level 12 and level 13 swords/gauntlets now have a threat multiplier of 5.


Bug Fixes

  • The level 10 Dodge Rate buff has been fixed to its correct value.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused White/Yellow buffs to remain active on party members after the caster has died.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented removing account locks after having unlocked an account.


Other Changes

  • Rue Island is now open on both Channel 2 and Channel 3.
  • We’ve fixed some minor localization issues.


What Are We Working On?

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re currently preparing the game for a rather big move (Steam). We’re in the process of adding the game to steam. Due to this move, we’ve been reworking/upgrading many of our systems (for quite some time now). We’re currently in the process of reworking one of the most important systems in the game, the item system. This system ties into so many others, which is why it has been taking up most of our time. Don’t worry, this new item system if going through very rigorous tests through each stage of its development. Our plan is to release this complete rework on the test server along with the G12 balance changes and the White/Yellow mage balance changes.


Additionally, we have just completed phase 2 of our new launcher! It looks and feels amazing, but there are still some functionality changes that we would like implemented before we release it for public testing/use. For that reason, we’re in the process of starting a 3rd stage of development for the launcher. We don't expect this 3rd stage to take too long, but once that is complete the launcher will go through some additional internal tests before being released.