PvP Tournament

The PvP tournament will be starting today at 3PM EST (20 minutes from now). Participants will be able to login to the "Tournament" Server that has been added to our launcher, and it is using the last day of Season 1 Server's character data.


Participants can login into the game on their registered accounts about 10 minutes prior to 3PM EST so as to prep their characters. You MUST be online when it is your turn to fight, we will only wait 5 minutes before disqualifying you.


Players will be unable to use zipped potions while in the fighting arena, and anyone that uses a stun weapon will be disqualified.


Our resident Moderator, Masta, has volunteerd to stream the tournament, if you would like to watch the tournmant you can do so on the following Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/turf_battles.