Catastropha Island Comes to Mystic

Balance Changes

  • Archers
    • PA level 5 now gives 15 AP more than PA level 4 instead of 30 (this was a typo).
    • The difference in AP gains from Level 16 and 17 PA has been swapped with level 16 and 17 PSA (they were incorrectly assigned before, meaning that PA gave 40 more than PSA starting at level 16).
    • Distance Damage Modifier
      • Based on player feedback and poll results from the following poll ( archers now receive a maximum of 5% damage increase using basic attacks and deadly count.
      • This means that yes you can deal more damage if you get closer to someone, but you also risk the chance of being damaged.
      • If you are furthest away from the player that you can be, you receive a 0% increase… As you get closer the percent increases up to a maximum of 5% (this means you are right on top of the player).


Target Selection Changes

  • For a long time, a common complaint amongst users has been that players are able to hide inside of large monsters (making them difficult to target).
  • For this reason, we have made it so players are prioritized in the target selection process if a monster is on top of them IF you have PVP Mode enabled.
  • While you are in PvP Mode and you try to target a player, the Sword cursor that appears is now red (monsters continue to be yellow). This was done so you can easily verify if you are targeting a player or not.


Catastropha Island Changes

  • Based on player feedback throughout Discord and Support Tickets. We have decided to add Catastropha Island to the Mystic Server.
  • The Island will continue to be 300+ on Triumphus, but on Mystic it can only be accessed by level 300’s.
  • The Island has a chance to drop 1-2 Clonium or Clonium Choice gems per monster, as well as 1-2 Clonium Liquid.
  • Level 12 materials no longer drop on Catastropha Island.
  • Monsters now respawn on the island every 70 seconds (like Pet Island).
  • Catastropha Island now drops basic gems (Sephiroth, Sephiroth Choice, Divine, Sorcery, Magic) from all monsters, except Zombie Trees.
  • The Clonium Gem, Clonium Choice Gem, Clonium Liquid, and Zombie Tree gem drop rates have been lowered to account for the faster respawn times of monsters and now drop either 1 or 2 of the gems found.
  • The Evangelin Boss spawns now after 10000 monsters have been killed instead of 1000 (this was to account for the increased respawn rate of monsters).
  • The Evangelin Boss spawn automatically opens the island up to all tribes to enter (if it’s on cooldown).



  • Fixed an issue that caused recently created accounts to disconnect with an Unknown Error when entering character lobby.
  • The Pet Island Guardian now spawns at the same location everytime.
  • The Traveller Part 12 now gives Grade 10 weapons as a reward, these weapons look like Eonic Weapons, but they are not.
  • Fixed Eastern Lands Part 4, 5, 36 and the journey part 10.
  • Drop Rates increased for Quest items from:
  • Lizardmen, Crock Fighters, Queen and King Nor Crabs, Cobolt Miners and Buchis.
  • Inkun now requires only 15 Blue energy cores to complete her quest.


Upcoming Levelling Changes

  • We're going to be launching a new leveling area on the test server in a few days (probably Tuesday). This new area is not meant to be better than party based areas, but be an alternative for when you can't find a party.
  • We also have some changes for FL planned for Tuesdays test server restart.
  • That being said, we would like to get some info back from players as to what they like/dislike (aside from maybe not being able to get into a party... we're looking more at why you wouldn't go there to begin with) about the current party based leveling zones around levels 200-300. (Such as FL, RT2, and Hau).
  • Feel free to provide us your input via the Forums, Discord, or Support Tickets.