May 30 Update

Catastropha Island Changes

  • If you defeat the Catastropha Guardian while the Catastropha Boss Spawn event is active, no cooldown is applied anymore and invading/defending players are no longer removed from the island.


Duct Islands

  • New Changes
    • We are now moving the Duct Island to the live server.
    • Based on player feedback from the test server, we have reduced the absolute damage that Duct Island monsters deal by 500-1000.
    • Every Duct Island monster received a 10% experience boost.
    • Every Duct Island has had their HP reduced by 20%.
  • Original Post
    • We have added 4 new islands in the old Duct areas and they have been divided into different level brackets.
      • Island 1: Level 200 – 224 (Entrance fee of 1,000,000 Leni)
      • Island 2: Level 225 – 249 (Entrance fee of 2,000,000 Leni)
      • Island 3: Level 250 – 264 (Entrance fee of 3,000,000 Leni)
      • Island 4: Level 265 – 279 (Entrance fee of 4,000,000 Leni)
    • Players who are part of the nation that won the Frozenland war do NOT have to pay the entrance fee.
    • The main idea behind these islands is to provide players with an opportunity for Solo Levelling when they are unable to join levelling parties for group-based content. That means group-based content will still reward you with better experience, but this option is still pretty decent.
    • These new Islands have different hard-hitting monsters on them that respawn every 3 minutes.
      • The reason these monsters are hard hitting is to prevent easily grouping them all together and killing them for a massive amount of EXP.
      • Also because of this, we have set their agro distance to be quite low (so you are not pummeled with attacks too often).
    • Once 1000 monsters have been killed on a single island, a Boss will appear.
    • You can enter the island at any time by speaking to the “Duct Island Captain” in Ladianes Harbor (in front of the big boat).



  • We’ve made a change that should prevent users from being hit while out of range of an AOE.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where non distance buffs/debuffs (buffs that don’t require the caster being in viewing range, such as Warm) were being removed when the caster died.
  • We’ve fixed the localization for the FL drop NPC (and some other minor localization issues).
  • We’ve increased the drop rate for Vast Staff in the “Traveler Part 12” quest.



  • The new Eonic Games Launcher has now been finished. We’re continuing with some internal testing of the launcher while we develop some administrative tools that will be used for managing the new launcher (such as updating the launcher files and game files).
  • We expect the launcher to be released within the next month or so. For now, enjoy this short video of the launcher.


Upcoming Changes

  • In addition to the Launcher, we’ve been working on many back-end changes to support the steam release. The core of these changes is now complete and going through internal testing & further development.
  • We expect users to be able to test this new content with the release of the new launcher.
  • That being said, starting sometime in June, we will be showcasing these changes (and more) to players in a sort of “Development Diaries” setting. When that time comes, we hope everyone is as excited reading/viewing them as we have been developing and testing the changes.


Steam Release

  • We’ve received a couple questions regarding our pending steam release. We are still planning on releasing the game on Steam, but this will not happen until sometime after the new Launcher has been released AND the “Upcoming Changes”, we’ve been working on are fully completed/tested.
  • We try not to give exact dates or ballpark ranges for things like this because we can run into issues or deadline extensions. Once we have a finalized date, we will let everyone know.