December 5 Update

Soccer Event

  • We’ve changed Bracket 3 to be for levels 200-275.
  • We’ve changed bracket 4 to be for levels 275+.
  • These were made to prevent high level players in level 13 equipment from camping and killing level 275’s in their intended bracket while at the same time giving them the chance to participate in the level 13 equipment bracket.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused all monsters on Rock Island and the Duct Islands to de-spawn when their bosses appeared.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Catastropha Queen to spawn after the Boss Event completes (this also caused the Catastropha Island Eggs to not respawn after the queen is killed).
  • The run speed of archers was only counting up to 900 DEX, we’ve fixed it so it now counts up to 1000 as intended.
  • We'ved removed Level 6 EXP Orbs from the Mystic Server, and they no longer drop.


Catastropha Cavern

  • We are aware that players would like to see some additional changes/incentives to participate in the Catastropha Cavern event.
  • We were planning on releasing these changes today. However, due to time constraints, we will have to release our planned changes within the next day or two instead.
  • We are also still collecting feedback regarding if players would like to have level 12 items added now, or only after the new client has been released.