December 8 Update

Catastropha Cavern

  • In order to incentivize the use of Vice Equipment (instead of level 12 or level 13 equipment) within Catastropha Cavern, we have made the following changes:
    • Vice monsters now deal “Vice Damage”. Vice damage works exactly like absolute damage, but it can be negated using Vice Equipment (see Vice Equipment section).
    • The base attack power of all Vice Monsters has been decreased.
    • Please note that if you have a full level 10 Vice Equipment set, you will still receive normal damage from the monsters “base attack power”, but you will not receive any vice damage.
    • Empowered vice monsters deal an additional 10,000 vice damage.
    • Boss vice monsters deal an additional 15,000 vice damage.
    • The health of ALL monsters in the cavern has been multiplied by 5.
  • The Cavern event now lasts 1 hour, instead of 2 hours.
  • All monsters inside of Catastropha Cavern now respawn after some time (15 minutes for Empowered monsters, 20 minutes for Boss monsters, and 25 minutes for eggs).
  • Due to monsters respawning, the exp of all cavern bosses has been reduced by 33%.
  • The drop rate of Clonium Gems within the cavern has been increased.
  • The drop rate and drop quantity of Clonium Liquid within the cavern has been increased.
  • Cavern bosses can now drop Clonium Equipment between stat levels 5-12 (previously this was 5-10).
  • Cavern Bosses can now drop Vice Armors between Blessing levels 1-6.
  • We are still waiting on more feedback from players before deciding if we will add level 12 jewelry now or after the new client is released.


Vice Equipment

  • Vice armor now reduces vice damage by 2% per Blessing level, up to a maximum of 20% at Blessing level 10.
    • If you have blessing level 10 on all 5 pieces of vice armor, this provides 100% vice damage reduction, and vice monsters will only hit their base attack power.
  • Vice weapons now increase damage dealt to vice monsters by 45% per Blessing level, up to a maximum of 450% at Blessing level 10.
  • Blade & Fist Weapons now have threat multipliers.



  • The Reaper Egg (from the GC Reaper event) now drops directly into the players inventory, instead of the floor (if it drops).