Christmas 2021

Hello everyone, we hope you are all enjoying your holidays and are ready for Christmas. Today we're launching a couple updates/fixes, but we are also starting the Christmas Events!


Status Update: Servers are now back online!


Catastropha Cavern

  • Based on player feedback, we have increased the vice damage from Vice Weapons. Players now receive 85% additional vice damage against vice monsters for every Blessing level on their vice weapons (up to a maximum of 850% at level 10).
  • Vice Bosses now deal a maximum of 10000 vice damage, instead of 15000.
  • Vice Monsters now deal a maximum of 8000 vice damage, instead of 10000.
  • Vice Bosses/Monsters have received a 10% reduction to their total HP.
  • Vice Bosses/Monsters have had their normal damage (not vice damage) reduced by 10%.


Level 12 Jewellery

  • Over the past few weeks, we have been allowing players the opportunity to express their opinions/ideas when it comes to re-implementing level 12 jewellery now (instead of when the new client is released).
  • The majority of the feedback we received helped us decide to add level 12 jewellery to the game now.
  • Level 12 Jewellery now has a chance to drop in Catastropha Cavern and at Pet Boss Spawn events.


Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Pet Boss Spawn Event that prevented the event from ending when the two new bosses were killed (Butterfly & Eaan).
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused items with expiration dates to no longer show the expiration date. This was only a visual bug, and the expiration dates are now visible.


Christmas Event

Winter has come to Ladianes, and with that our good ol' friend Santa has returned! From now until January 5 players will be able to participate in various Christmas events.

  • Buff Event - Fubb is feeling extra generous this holiday season, he is hosting an EXP event (for both you and your pet) from now until the end of the Christmas event.


  • Daily Quest - Help Santa take back his bag of gifts from the Evil Snowmen outside of Ladianes. Completing this quest will earn you a gift box that will reward you with either Santa Transformation Scrolls, a Santa Hat, or Candy Cane Shards! This quest can be completed once every 24 hours.


  • Daily Gift - Once every 24 hours you can visit the Christmas Gift Box and receive one of three items. Please note the gift can only be received on Channel 1!
    • Green Christmas Essence - Upon using this item, your character will earn 2.5% EXP at whatever level you are currently at.
    • Red Christmas Essence - Upon using this item, your character will earn 5% EXP at whatever level you are currently at.
    • Candy Cane Shards – Upon using this item, your character will unlock the Candy Cane Cosmetic Weapon.


  • Candy Cane Cosmetic Weapons – Once a player has obtained 50 Candy Cane Shards, they can double click their shards to unlock the Candy Can Cosmetic Weapon for their character. Alternatively, if you aren't able to collect all 50 Candy Cane Shards before the event ends, the Candy Cane Weapon cosmetic can be purchased for 250 TC in the Cosmetic Loadout interface.
Candy Cane Sword Candy Cane Gauntlet Candy Cane Staff
Candy Cane Bow Candy Cane Stick  


  • Reindog Pet – During the Christmas event, players can purchase the Reindog pet from the Pet interface.