Season 2 is Here!

The Season 2 Server is now live; we wanted to take this time to update you guys on some new changes that we made to the game (these were not announced before).


Wells (Only on Season Server until end of Season Two)

We have added the Well System to the game. Players, who played Hyper Engines Turf Battles, will remember these nifty little guys. However, we've improved on the original system to make it even better! Wells are globally shared NPCs that allows one user to use the well every so often (there's a cooldown that is shared among the entire server).

  • Potion Wells - Gives the user some free potions, these are common.
  • Buffing Wells - We've added wells to Rampao Temple. These wells will provide the user with a temporary buff.


Supreme Gem Changes (On Both Servers)

We've decided to change Supreme Gems a bit. They now have a level cap and once reached; they will no longer work.

  • Level 1-10 Items: Max Stat Level 8
  • Level 11 Weapons: Max Stat Level 9
  • Level 11 Armors: Max Stat Level 8
  • Level 12 Items: Max Stat Level 12


Production Skill Changes (Changes vary)

As we mentioned before, this Season we really want to focus on improving the overall quality of life for players. That being said, one of the biggest quality of life complaints we have received, was in regards to Production Skills. Simply put, they were too tedious to progress. The following changes were made to resolve this issue.

  • Quantity Input (Only on Season Server until end of Season Two
    • When Blacksmithing or Potion Brewing you can now enter the amount of items you would like to smith or brew each time.
  • Raw Material Trader (Only on Season Server until end of Season Two
    • You can now trade stacks of 10K Materials + Leni for another stack of 10K Materials by speaking to Vernon, near Jakar in Ladianes.
  • 20% Delphiroth Floor 2 Nerf (On Both Servers)
  • Cheaper Material Crates from Instance Shop (On Both Servers)
  • Potion Brewing EXP Requirements Reduced by 10% (Only on Season Server until end of Season Two

Class Changes (Only on Season Server until end of Season Two

  • Archer
    • We noticed that VIT built Archers were able to survive quite ridiculously long in combat, we have reduced the total Health gained from VIT for Archers. We may make more changes in the future, but we would like to see the outcome of this nerf first.
  • Fist
    • We have increased the speed of Clinching & Megagush... Just enough for it not to be in slow motion.


Extra Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue with level 11 items dropping without blessing stat.
  • You now get 50 Combat Boosters instead of 30 in the Subscription Shop.
  • Fixed a bug that made Wild Cat Infestation quest give 0 exp reward.
  • Fixed bug with Delphiroth Scroll that made it take up 2 squares.
  • Rampao Temple has been set for levels 180-240, not 160-200.
  • Fixed Level 12 NPC Sub Raw Material Display
  • Fixed Display bug that hid Combat Booster effect from other players
  • Fixed bug that made Warm Other replace Combat Booster.
  • Fixed Hau EXP (Wasn't giving EXP at 200).
  • Moved Mun forward a bit in Ladianes, so butterflies aren't on top of him.
  • Fixed small issue with EXP that happened on rare situations (getting less tiny bit less EXP than you were supposed to on low level mobs)