January 5 Update

Christmas Event

  • The Christmas Event is now over, we hope everyone enjoyed this year’s event.


Event Merchant

  • We have replaced the “ Restricted Item Disposal” NPC with a new “Event Merchant” NPC.
  • The Event Merchant can be used to exchange unwanted and untradeable event items (such as Green/Red Christmas Essences & Candy Cane Shards) for Event Coupons.
  • 5 Event Coupons can then be used to purchase an Event Gift Box.
  • When opened, the Event Gift Box will reward the player with a random item (or multiple of the same item, depending on the item).
  • Rewards can range from basic gems, Clonium gems, material creates, an instance coin, and even Supreme gems (rare).
  • Items found in the Event Gift Box, cannot be traded.
  • Please note all Green Christmas Essences, Red Christmas Essences, and <2021> Candy Cany Shards will be automatically removed at the next update (not today), so spend them while you can.


Catastropha Cavern

  • We have increased the drop rate of level 12 jewellery from bosses by 100%.
  • We have increased the drop rate of level 12 jewellery from normal monsters by 200%.
  • We have increased the drop rate of level 12 jewellery from eggs by 100%.
  • The Catastropha Cavern event now starts randomly between every 3-5 hours, instead of 4-6 hours.


Balance Changes

  • Based on player feedback, archers can now only gain run speed from dexterity up until 890 dexterity (instead of 1000). This change will reduce their movement speed by roughly 5%.



  • Players with an active subscription can now see monster health without using a Hawkeye Scroll.
  • Duct Island Bosses have had their health reduced by 10%, their attack power reduced by 10%, and their exp increased by 5%.
  • Tormac now states that the Catastropha Room instance is only available on the Triumphus server.
  • Pets will no longer faint when a player dies to a monster inside of Ladianes Village.