Lunar Festival & Catastropha Cavern

Lunar Festival

  • The Lunar New Year is quickly approaching, and Turf Battles is ready to celebrate!
  • From now until February 15 players can take advantage of the following events, rewards, and offers:
    • Lunar Festival – Year of the Tiger Quest
      • Tormac (in Ladianes) has heard of a “Tiger King” that has been terrorizing heroes inside of various dungeon instances (Rampao Temple Floor 2, Frozenland, and Catastropha Room).
      • Speak to Tormac to start the Lunar Festival Quest.
      • This quest can be repeated once every 6 hours and requires the players complete instances before the bonus time expires.
        • If you complete the instance before the bonus time expires, there is a 90% chance that the Tiger King will appear in your dungeon.
        • Note that the Tiger King appears at the last boss of each dungeon.
          • Frozenland: Yeshi Location
          • Rampao Temple Floor 2: Venom Creature King Location
          • Catasropha Room: Vice Queen Location
    • Tiger King Mask
      • Players can unlock the Tiger King Mask by collecting 50 Red Packets or by purchasing it from the Cosmetic Loadout Interface for 250 TC.
      • The mask will only be able to be unlocked during the Lunar Festival.
    • Tiger Pet
      • A Tiger Pet can now be purchased in the pet interface for 350 TC. The ability to purchase this pet will end when the Lunar Festival event ends.
    • Fireworks
      • Players can buy fireworks from the Firework Merchant (near Pet Hotel in Ladianes) until the Lunar Festival ends.
    • Event Box
      • An Event Box has been added in the middle of Ladianes, it can be used once a day to gain 1 Lunar Festival Pouch, which can be opened to get a random number of Red Packets (1-4).
    • Buffs
      • For the duration of the Lunar Festival, players can gain the bonus of the following Fubb Events:
        • Experience Buff
        • Pet Experience Buff
        • Production Experience Buff
      • For the duration of the Lunar Festival, the Drop Rate Fubb Event has a chance to randomly activate for 24 hours.

Tiger Pet & Tiger Mask

Catastropha Cavern

  • We have changed it so the Catastropha Cavern event now lasts 2 hours and starts randomly every 2-4 hours, after the previous event ends.
  • The drop rate of level 12 jewelry has been slightly reduced on normal monsters.
  • The drop rate of level 12 jewelry has been increased on all boss monsters (including the Vice Eggs and Vice Queen), and they now have a chance to drop double the amount of level 12 jewelry (a maximum of 6 per boss now, instead of a maximum of 3 per boss).
  • The level 12 jewelry drop rate on Vice Eggs now matches the Vice Bosses drop rates.
  • The health of all Vice Bosses (including the Vice Eggs and Vice Queen) has been reduced by 20%.
  • We have added 3 NPCs to the cavern that can be used to teleport back to Leckie (the NPC that teleports you into the cavern).
    • One at the start of the cavern.
    • One at each of the 2 dead-end tunnels.
  • Players can now use return scrolls to teleport out of the cavern if they have not been in combat for 10 seconds.


Christmas Event

  • Candy Cane Shards have now been removed from all characters.
  • The Reindog pet can no longer be purchased.


Bug Fixes

  • The Fantastic Gem Merchant now is only able to craft Clonium Gems for players level 200+ (like all other Fantastic gems).
  • We’ve fixed a couple of localization issues.
  • Monsters can no longer be pulled into Ladianes.