Lunar Festival Ending

Catastropha Cavern

  • Catstropha Cavern now deals 20,000 Poison damage per second to all players who do not have a full 6-piece Vice Equipment set equipped.
  • Leckie’s description of the cavern has been updated to have the correct event time ranges and now mentions that vice equipment will prevent players from receiving poison damage inside of the cavern.
  • We have reduced the Purified Orb Cost of Gem Pouches in Kevilroth’s store & added Clonium Gem & Clonium Choice Gem Pouches.
    • Sorcery & Magic Gem Pouch: 15 Purified Orbs
    • Sephiroth & Divine Gem Pouch: 20 Purified Orbs
    • Sephiroth Choice, Blue Tear, and Red Honor Gem Pouch: 30 Purified Orbs
    • Clonium Gem Pouch: 40
    • Clonium Choice Gem Pouch: 50


Lunar Festival

  • The Lunar Festival is now over, we hope everyone enjoyed the festivities.
  • All event related features have been removed.
  • Lunar Festival Pouches & Red Packets will be removed from the game during the next update. If you still have some left to use, do so before the next update.


Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue on the Triumphus server with Demonic Throne Garbs & Demonic Sephiroth Chestplates that prevented players from removing the Demonic Essence on the items.
  • Fixed an issue where Frozenland instances would not end when the Frozenland war begins.
  • The quest “The Eastern Lands Part 6 - lv 115” requires you kill Red Lycos Puppies to find the Red Lycos Tooth, we have added additional quest descriptions to clarify this.