First Batch of Season Changes/Fixes

We've just finished bringing the servers back online after today’s server restart. With that said, there are lots of bug fixes & changes that happened over the last few days. Most of which were mentioned in our last news announcement, but we'll mention them here again too!


New Fixes/Changes

  • Fixed a bug with Combat Boosters that prevented their x3 Soul Shard effect from applying.
  • We have nerfed the HP of the Boss Spawn Event Bosses.
  • We have added level 12 raw material drops to the Boss Spawn Event Bosses.
  • The Anti-Toxin Pill [ Polluted Lake ] buff now has a buff icon.
  • We've added more drop locations for the Diluted Chemicals, previously only dropped by the Evil Priestess of Rampao Temple, Muscaria of Delphiroth Floor 3, Potcarane of Delphiroth Floor 3, and the global Rampao Temple Box NPC. Now also drops from mage like monsters in East Ladianes & some other mage like monsters in the game (but mostly in East Ladianes).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to use a very high amount of CPU usage on some PCs.


Old Fixes/Changes

  • Fixed issue with level 11 items dropping without blessing stat.
  • You now get 50 Combat Boosters/Progress Boosters instead of 30 in the Subscription Shop.
  • Fixed a bug that made Wild Cat Infestation quest give 0 exp reward.
  • Fixed bug with Delphiroth Scroll that made it take up 2 squares.
  • Rampao Temple has been set for levels 180-240, not 160-200.
  • Fixed Level 12 NPC Sub Raw Material Display
  • Fixed Display bug that hid Combat Booster effect from other players
  • Fixed bug that made Warm Other replace Combat Booster.
  • Fixed Hau EXP (Wasn't giving EXP at 200).
  • Moved Mun forward a bit in Ladianes, so butterflies aren't on top of him.
  • Fixed small issue with EXP that happened on rare situations (getting tiny bit less EXP than you were supposed to on low level mobs)