New Client Phase 3

We have come a long way since we started phase 1 of the new client beta. Many different kinds of issues, suggestions, and upgrades have been made to the game throughout the entirety of the beta. There are still various ongoing changes being worked on/developed and these can be tracked/followed on our Discord (in the game-beta-issues or game-beta-tasks channels).


We are now ready for the last phase of the beta, phase 3. We have prepared the following FAQ regarding phase 3 based on player questions and feedback regarding phase 3 in the past. We hope it helps, but if you have additional questions, they can be asked via Support Tickets, Discord, and/or the Forums.


*November 11 Update*

Phase 3 is now live, we have added some additional FAQ based on players questions & feedback over the last few days.


When will phase 3 of the beta start?

We are pleased to announce that Phase 3 of the new client beta will begin on November 11 at 2PM ET.


How long will phase 3 last?

Phase 3 will last a MINIMUM of 1 month, but there is no set duration for the beta as of yet. The end date of phase 3 will be determined during phase 3 based on player feedback on in-game content and/or issues. If no major issues are discovered phase 3 would end after 1 month (December 11).


What kind of issues should players be testing/looking out for?

Phase 3 is designed to specifically test the progression of players using the new experience, levelling, and drop changes. For example, is levelling too slow or too fast at certain level brackets. Are monsters too strong or too weak in certain areas. Are drop rates too high or too low? Etc.


However, the point of the beta (all phases) is to test various different changes/reworks to in-game systems. We’ve received a lot of feedback and reports throughout phase 1 and phase 2, so most issues have been resolved already. If you notice any additional issues/bugs or have some other suggestions please feel free to share them with us.


How do I provide feedback?

You can always provide feedback through either Support Tickets, the Forums, or our Discord server. If you are providing feedback via the Discord Server, please use the game-beta-issues channel.


Will characters and items from phase 3 be wiped?

Unfortunately, we will be wiping the characters & items at the end of phase 3 due the potential for unforeseen issues revolving around levelling, drops, and/or other systems. However, players will be able to unlock various rewards for participating in phase 3.


What rewards are offered for participating in phase 3?

Players who reach level 250 and/or level 300 will unlock two new pets. These pets will not be sold and will only be able to unlocked through the beta or by purchasing them from other players.

  • Players who reach level 250 will unlock a new pet, the “Beta Bug”.
  • Players who reach level 300 will unlock a new pet, the “Beta Bee”.

In addition, players who reach level 300 will unlock a “300 Boost Token”. The token will be able to be used on the live servers to level up any character to level 300.

Beta Bee

Beta Bug


When and how will we receive our rewards?

Rewards will be automatically mailed to a players account once the new client has officially released. By default, the rewards will be sent to the players account on the Mystic Server, but anyone who would like them on the Triumphus Server instead can request this before they are mailed or up to 30 days after they are mailed (if not used). You can make this request using a Support Ticket.


Will we be able to use TC Buffs and Subscription Buffs during Phase 3?

We would like players to provide feedback with and without the TC/Subscription buffs. To ensure this happens, we will NOT be allowing the use of TC Buffs or Subscription buffs. However, players will be able to use a 1 Hour 70% EXP Buff and 100% Drop Rate buff once every 2 hours instead. These buffs do not remove when you die or log out and have a cooldown of 1 hour. You can activate these buffs at the new Buff NPC, in Ladianes for 500,000 Leni each buff.

Will I be able to receive multiple pets and level 300 token rewards?

Yes, you will receive the pets and tokens for each level 300 you level up. However, we have limited players login ability so that they can only connect using one account at a time on the test server. This is to ensure players do not login to MANY accounts only to set them to follow a main account and farm these rewards. Players who are found to be attempting to bypass this will receive zero rewards.


Why can't I connect, it says my IP has reached its limit?

This means you are already logged into the game using another account. If you are not, this means you have the same IP address as someone else (most likely due to the fact that you are using a VPN). If this is the case, try a different VPN or disable the VPN all together. The IP Limit will be ONLY for phase 3 (not the live server).