New Client Official Release Announced

Hello everyone the time has finally come for us to start ending Phase 3 of the Turf Battles New Client Beta!


Our primary concern over the last few months has been tackling and resolving various lag issues that occurred after visiting (or revisiting) various dungeons. We’ve finally resolved these issues, by developing a system that forces players to automatically return to lobby and then automatically come back in game any time after they leave a dungeon. This process should be fairly seamless (1-2 second loading screen), unless you are experiencing network lag. These changes also forced us to remake/upgrade the party system so that it works across channels (1 party across all channels).


Throughout the entire beta we’ve managed to develop a great deal of bug fixes, updates, and even new content. Much of these changes were made based on the many bits of feedback, discussions, and reports that players submitted to us. To those of you the took part in this process, thank you. Those of you wanting to read up on what has changed throughout phases 1-3 can do so via our Discord (in the game-beta-issues channel), but note that it’s a long list!


When will the live server be updated?

We will be updating the Live Server with the new client/server in 2 weeks (February 24). We aren't certain on exactly how long it will take to complete the merge/update, but it will certainly take a few hours.


Why in 2 weeks, and not now?

In addition to giving us time to work on some other changes during those 2 weeks, we also want to give the new party system and lag fixes sometime to be tested prior to them going live (we resolved various small issues that were reported already).


When will the test server be shut down?

We’ll be shutting down the test server on February 23. We are doing this on the 23rd so that we have time to process all the beta rewards before the 24th.


What about the other issues or feedback?

Most of the issues that were reported have been resolved, and we’ll be working on the remaining ones during these next 2 weeks. When the server goes live, we’ll be focusing our efforts on addressing new/old feedback regarding character balance and monitoring the servers for any additional issues.