New Client Official Release

Hello everyone we will be shutting down the live servers at 4:10PM ET, to begin updating the game to use the new client. Unfortunately, this is a very big update/merge and we expect it will take several hours before the servers will be able to be accessed again. At this time, we cannot provide an accurate ETA for the servers to be back online, but we will update this news article when we have a more accurate ETA for the servers to come back online.


Status Updates

  • 4:10 PM ET: The servers are now offline, there is currently no ETA as to when they will be back online.
  • 8:25 PM ET: We have updated the Media Page with the latest launcher. If you experience issues connecting with your current Launcher, you will need to redownload and reinstall using the latest Eonic Games Launcher Installer. (
  • 8:25 PM ET: We expect the servers to be back online within the next hour (roughly by 9:30PM ET).
  • 9:30 PM ET: We're almost done with the update (just doing some final tests). We'll be back online at 10:40 PM ET.
  • 10:55 PM ET: The servers are now back online, but we are still looking into a minor issue.


Important Launcher Information

Once the servers are back online, players will no longer be able to use the old launcher to access the game and will be required to download and install the new Eonic Games Launcher from our website. Players who already have the Eonic Games Launcher, we recently released a patch that resolves an update issue. If you have logged into the launcher in the past 48-72 hours, you will have already updated your launcher to have this update. If you have not, the Launcher Server will stay online for another 2-3 hours, during which time you can still sign into the launcher and update.

Once the Launcher Server is restarted, if you have not yet updated, you will need to download the latest Eonic Games Launcher installer from our website & re-install using it. If you experience issues connecting to the launcher (after the server comes back online), this means you will need to download & install the latest installer.

The Latest Launcher can be downloaded from our Media Page on the Turf Battles Website, or click here.


Additional Notes

  • Anyone wanting to learn more about what exactly has changed since the New Client beta started, can read up about it on our Discord (in the game-beta-issues channel).
  • Phase 3 Beta rewards will be automatically mailed to all applicable users when the server is brought back online.
  • Throughout the majority of the beta, we focus on addressing various bugs, issues, and game improvements. We are aware that there was a variety of balance based feedback, and we have taken a note of this. Assuming no major issues are found that require our immediate attention, our main goal over the next week or so will be on providing balance patches based on existing (from the test server) and new (after the update) feedback from players.
  • Should anyone notice any issues or would like to provide some sort of feedback, once the server is back online, please contact us either through Support Tickets, the Forums, and/or our Discord.


February 25 Patch Notes

  • We've fixed the Santa Pets & Rabbit Pets that turned into Beta Bees and Beta Bugs after the restart.
  • We've removed the IP login limit.
  • When you purchase a non-stackable item on the website (such as Subscription Tokens), it now says you received 1 in-game (instead of 0).
  • When you revive a fainted or starved pet it now auto summons that pet.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from adding fainted and/or starved pets to your pet collection.
  • Starved Pet Cages now appear on the floor (if you dropped one, please open a Ticket for us to return it to you).
  • We've fixed the "A New Adventure" quest, it wasn't able to be completed since we adjusted TC Shops in the last update. Unfortunately, players will now have to restart this quest if they want to complete it on the Mystic Server.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from crafting materials you had none of (most users reported finding this out with Star Gems).
  • We've removed the level 100 Gem Crafting requirement for Reforging Items, it will be re-added in 1 month. This gives everyone time to level up their Gem Crafting without losing the ability to reforge items. The error when you don't have the required stats also now says you need 100 Gem Crafting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reforging Interface did not use the resources in the Collectable Resources Interface.
  • Fixed a rare game crash that occurred when the game was already closing.
  • We've applied a possible fix to a crash that occurred while the game was starting. If you continue to experience this crash, please let us know.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing long login times (30-60 seconds). 
  • We fixed a bug with the last restart that was causing players to crash on startup.
  • We've fixed a bug that was causing mail items to re-appear in the mailbox after server restarts.
    • Any player that received a mail item twice had that item removed from their account. If the item was used, the effects of the item were reversed (such as removing a month of subscription time if you used a Subscription Token).


February 26 Patch Notes

  • Instances rewards are now only given to party members that are INSIDE of the instance.
  • The Instance failed message now only displays when you are part of an instance & says what instance failed.
  • The Main Pet Interface now shows your current pets level, not your highest pet level.
  • The resource monsters in Delphiroth Floor 4 now drop herbs.


February 27 Patch Notes

  • We've fixed an issue with the launcher that prevented some users from using multiple clients at the same time.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused players to lose their buffs & de-buffs when crashing after respawning/leaving a dungeon/instance.
  • We've fixed an issue with warehouses that prevented you from making more warehouses if you had 17 warehouses + 3 subscription warehouses.
  • Catastropha Room instance monsters no longer vanish when the Catastropha Cavern event ends.
  • Shelly Shine has now been added to the game, you can visit her store in Veros City to trade Wind Flowers for other items (low level jewels, & various gems).
  • We've added some additional debugging to help track down some instance issues.


March 1 Patch Notes

  • Level 12 Jewels dropped from instance bosses now drop into players inventory (they were dropping on the floor).
  • Demonic Essence has been re-added to the Level 6 Instance Store on the Triumphus Server.
  • Monster name colors no longer change when you are in a party.
  • Player Name colors now appear as orange if they are in your party.
  • We've applied a possible fix for an issue that was causing players accounts to lock up and then not be able to login without GM help.
  • The drop rate of Dilithium Ore in Delphiroth Floor 4 has been increased for both normal monsters and bosses.
  • Fixed an issue with the Catastropha Island boss spawn event that made monster kills not count towards the total 2500 required kills to trigger the event.


March 3 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue with the Eonic Games Launcher that prevented some users from being able to patch their launcher.
  • Players now only receive a 25% damage increase/reduction based on the level difference (up to 50 levels) between them and the player they are attacking (previously 50%).
  • Players were taking extra damage from monsters based on their level difference, this now only applies to players.
  • Made some minor localization changes.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players clients to get stuck on a loading screen when leaving Ghost Castle to go to another closed off area (such as respawning in GC to the Lad Castle Lord Room).
  • Fixed a bug where if you two players ask to trade each other and then after the trade window opens the second user accepts it causes the trade to close.
  • Tribe Wars now have the correct wait times, durations, and cooldowns.
  • The White Mage AP Buff Icon and Warm Other Icons can now be displayed together.
  • The Castle Drop Rate buff now has the correct icon.
  • We've temporarily disabled the Nation War until we revise the rewards from it.
  • We've slightly increased the move speed of the Chaotic Mushrooms and Vice Mushrooms in Catastropha Room & Catastropha Cavern.
  • We've been working on various issues with the monster system for the last few days, it's received a bunch of backend changes that should resolve most (if not all) issues that players have reported. This includes the following:
    • Monsters losing agro when you are hugging walls or pillars in places like Delphiroth Floor 4.
    • Getting a monster stuck in an area where it can no longer attack you.
    • Somehow going inside or through a wall and attacking monster from behind that wall, preventing it from attacking you.
    • Attacking non-movable monsters (such as in Catastropha Room) from certain spots that prevented them from attacking you.
    • Server crashes that resulted in players being "Disconnected due to network error", but still able to log back in.


March 6 Patch Notes

  • All Gold/Demonic equipment cannot be traded anymore (same as before the new client).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Booth Ads to not display if the booth was not visible when it opened or if you moved out of view and back in.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Monsters to not move or attack players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Channel 2 to lockup over the weekend.
  • Transmog Diffuser Spells have been added to the Instance Stores again.
  • We've reset all alliances and alliance requests to resolve an issue with the Server Merge that allowed some tribes to continue to have more than 1 alliance or have an alliance without being a level 25 tribe.
  • Fixed a bug where items that lock after being traded (such as Soul Charms) were not locking.
  • Giant Clammy has been added to the Pet Boss Spawn list.
  • Santa Hats now show on the floor when dropped.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to still gain rewards in instances even though they reached or exceeded the Allowed Deaths for their difficulty.
  • The size of the Vice Avenger Sword is now the same size no matter if it is sheathed or unsheathed.
  • Potion Changes
    • Mini-Marvelous Potions now heal all classes for 750 health and mana (previously 1000).
    • Marvelous Potions now heal mages for 15% of their health and mana, they continue to heal other classes for 1200 Health/Mana.
    • Super Marvelous Potions now heal mages for 18% of their health and mana, they continue to heal other classes for 1500 Health/Mana.
    • These changes were made based on some player feedback we've been receiving around mages being able to tank too much. If the change doesn't work well or the majority of player feedback is negative we can increase/decrease the percentages, or even revert the change completely and reduce their def/mdef/mana barrier instead.


March 8 Patch Notes

  • The "/FLWarTime" command has been changed to "/NationWarTime".
  • We've fixed an issue with the last update that caused level 1000 Soul Charms to lock when traded, they have been automatically unlocked.
  • We've fixed an issue with instances that was causing the allowed deaths to actually be 1 less than what was stated in the Instance Interface.
  • Locked Items can now be transmogged.
  • Nation War Changes
    • The Nation War has been re-enabled.
    • Winners of the Nation War will receive the following rewards:
      • 20% Experience Rate Buff
      • 20% Pet Experience Rate Buff
      • 10% Drop Rate Buff
      • 10% Leni Drop Rate Buff
      • No Instance fees (no need to pay a Ladian's Grace to enter an instance).
      • Note that all the above mentioned buffs are automatically added/removed to your characters stats (viewed in the "Specific" tab of the "Character Information" interface).


March 10 Patch Notes

  • We've added additional debugging for a server issue that we experienced yesterday.
  • We've added additional debugging for an issue that causes players accounts to lockup and always show an "Already logged in" message until the server restarts.
  • We've added Sharp Feathers to the Collectable Resource Interface, all Sharp Feathers have been automatically moved.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed for locked gems to be used to create Gem Pouches.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to login at the location they logged out at instead of their respawn spot (even in areas you aren't allowed to login/logoff in/from such as Frozenland).
  • We've started working on the Instance System remake. This will take sometime before it is finished, but we are working on it separately so we can keep pushing other changes live while it's being worked on.


March 13 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Nation War Winners to reset after every server restart.
  • Made some server changes that should fix several server crashes we have been experiencing over the last week.
  • Added additional debugging and a possible fix for the "Already Logged In" issue.
  • We've fixed an issue that caused all visible clients to crash if users typed just "!" and/or "~".
  • We've changed the percent symbol that is used in Chat Bubbles above players heads, this fixes some rare client chat crashes when using % signs.
  • We've fixed a bug where if you type "%" in Talk/Shout it causes two percent symbols ("%%") to appear on your chat interface instead of just 1.
  • Players are now unable to send empty chat messages (even if you use the "!" and/or "~" symbols in chat).
  • Vice Archer/Blue Garbs now display on the floor (they were invisible before).