Dragons Everywhere!

We've just finished putting the servers back online. Today's update was designed to target some of the key elements we've received complaints about since Season Started (one of them we've received complaints about for awhile).


Level 12 Related Changes

  • Increase total Red Mage monsters in Delphiroth Floor 3 to 6.
  • Increase total Blue Mage monsters in Delphiroth Floor 3 to 6.
  • Increase total Archer monsters in Delphiroth Floor 3 to 6.
  • We have changed some of the level 12 material drop locations (please see the level 12 item guide for updates to raw material drop areas, https://turfbattles.eonicgames.com/game-guide/crafting-item-sets).
  • Evil Spirit Eggs added around North Veros Battle Arena Lake.
    • Once killed they have a chance to:
      • Spawn a Elfrick Dragon
      • Spawn a Newt Dragon
      • Spawn a Fisherman Ghost
      • Spawn nothing, and drop items.
    • These eggs are only available on Channel 3 for now, the reason for this is it's using a new experimental system that we want to ensure is working as expected before releasing it on the entire game.
  • We have increased the base AP of the Aplite Bow.


Combat Booster

  • We've added a new Combat Booster to the Subscription Shop (Second Combat Booster).
  • It costs 115 TC for 50, and does not give a Magic Defense buff.
  • Should be used by mages who want to use their natural magic defense buffs instead can use this one.


Frozenland War Bosses & Soccer Crystals

  • We've made it so the health of these monsters can be seen by everyone at all times, and so players can NOT go inside of these monsters to hide from other players.


General Fixes

  • Fixed localization issues with some Trans Skills & HP Buffs.
  • Fixed the repair price of level 12 items.