Instance System Remake

We've remade the Instance System so that they work across all channels! This change was pretty substantial, if anyone notices any issues please report it via Support Tickets, Discord, or the Forums.


General Changes

  • Fixed Shield Exchange Skill Books localization (it said Shield Reflection before).
  • The "Equipment Set Requirements NPC" now has the correct level 12 item requirements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some monsters not to agro unless you attacked them first.
  • Fixed a rare server crash that occurred when an instance completed.
  • We've made it so chat reloads when leaving a dungeon/instance and/or being reconnected when using certain perks.
  • While in a party, if all party members logout the party will now automatically end after 60 seconds (previously 30 seconds).
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Level 11 Items and Vice Equipment to be given a level 1 instead of their assigned random stat levels when converting items (such as when opening Equipment Crates).
  • We've extended the ignoring of the Gem Crafting requirement to use Reforging for 2 more weeks.
  • We've made it so non-English symbols are no longer able to be used in the Newbie Channel & PVPChannel. Players can still communicate using any language outside of those 2 global chat channels.


Instance Changes

  • The Instance System has been completely reworked to work more like parties, this should have fixed various issues players reported. However, if you notice any issues, you can report them via Discord, Forums, or Support Tickets.
  • Instance Durations have been reduced to 1 hour instead of 2 hours.
  • Instances now work across all Channels, if you try to join an instance that was created on a different channel you are automatically moved to that new channel.
  • If players are NOT registered for the Nation War, they will no longer be teleported out of certain areas when the Nation War starts/ends.
  • Random Instances no longer have a cooldown when started, but if you pick what instance you start there will still be a cooldown.
  • Players can now only join instances with up to 3 characters that have the same IP address as them.
  • The base drop rate of all bosses in instances has been reduced to accommodate for the cooldown removal during random instances.
  • The base drop rate of all bosses in instances has been further reduced to provide more incentive to complete higher difficulties.
  • The drop rate bonus for each difficulty has been drastically increased.
  • The drop rate bonus for starting a random instance has been increased from 5% to 50%.
  • The EXP rate bonus for starting a random instance has been increased from 5% to 10%.
  • The cost of items in the Instance Store's Crates Tab have been doubled to accommodate for no cooldowns when using random instances. On the Triumphus Server, Demonic Essence now costs 300, instead of 200.
  • There are now 10 difficulties (previously there were only 6).
  • We have disabled the Catastropha Room Instance for now, it'll be reimplemented when we have more time to make it more comparable in difficulty/duration to the other instances.
  • Brackets 4-6 (Levels 240+) have had their damage and absolute damage adjusted so that damage spreads more evenly across all 3 brackets (previously there was a clear difference that lower brackets were hit for far less than higher brackets). Lower brackets should still be hit for less (due to lack of health), but the difference isn't as massive.


March 31 Patch Notes

  • Based on player feedback, we've reverted the Instance Store price increases from the previous update.
  • We've fixed a crash with the new instance system that made Channel 3 (Mystic Server) go offline yesterday morning.