Missing Booth Items & Additional Patches

Hello everyone, for those of you that are unaware, last Sunday (April 2) Channel 1 went offline and players who had items in a booth lost the items that had not been sold. We've just finished developing & testing a script we made to automatically return missing booth items to players. We've restarted the server to run this script and apply some other patches.

After the restart anyone who was missing items due to this issue will have the items in their Mailbox. If you are still missing items, please open a new Support Ticket and indicate exactly what items you are missing and we will look into them and resolve any remaining issues manually.


Additional Patch Notes

  • We have changed how booths work so that if a server crashes while you have a booth open your items are added to your inventory or mailed if they don't fit when you next login.
  • We have temporarily disabled character deleting until the next update to minimize downtime. The reason for this is that we need to run some migrations on deleted characters that will take several hours, disabling the delete feature allows us to do this while the server is online.
  • We have added Ladian's Grace drops to various Champion & Boss monsters (such as in East Ladianes and Rampao Dungeon Floor 1).
  • We've added additional debugging and possible fixes to several server issues that lead to channel crashes.