Catastropha Cavern Changes

Hello everyone, we hope those of you that celebrated Easter had a nice long weekend. Today we will be updating the servers with the following changes.


General Changes

  • The drop rate of Ladian's Grace has been increased everywhere that they drop (Wasteland, Rampao Floors 1-2, Color Zones, & East Ladianes). Please note that hunting higher level bosses will, of course, have higher drop rates than the lower-level bosses.
  • Input Boxes for Leni no longer accepts non-numeric values (such as when typing a price for booth items).
  • The Master of Skills & Transcendence Quest bosses have had their Physical and Magic AP reduced by 15% (Master & Transformation quest bosses).
  • We've updated and additional debugging to some of our backend script frameworks to help track down some issues that may be leading to semi-rare and unpredictable server crashes.


Catastropha Cavern Event

  • The Cavern event now occurs on all 3 channels.
  • PvP Rules based on channels are identical to other areas (such as V5). Channel 1 uses the Fame System, Channel 2 you can PvP freely, and Channel 3 has no PvP.
  • The Cavern event now occurs randomly every 3-5 hours instead of every 2-4 hours (this was to account for the fact that now there is 2 additional Caverns available simultaneously).
  • For the time being we have not lowered/changed the drop rates, but this might change based on player feedback.
  • We are considering making Gold Egg Shell's work as a global event item that causes the Catastropha Cavern Event to start faster. Prior to doing this we wanted to get some player feedback. This is how it would work:
    • For every X Shells (most likely somewhere in the 50-100 Shell range), it would reduce the time until the next Cavern Event by 30 minutes.
    • To put this into perspective there is an average of around 56 shells dropped during each Cavern Event.
    • This change would make it so even if the server restarts the next event time is reloaded and does not reset on restart.
    • As always, please provide feedback either through Support Tickets, the Forums, or our Discord.


April 11 Patch Notes

  • We've fixed the Leckie NPC so he works on Channels 1 and 3.
  • We've adjusted Leckie's localization & the Help Menu localization to indicate the Catastropha Cavern event occurs every 3-5 hours, instead of 2-4 hours.
  • The Instances Help Menu localization has been updated.
  • The Nation War Help Menu localization has been updated.