April 21 Update

Hello everyone, today we will be updating the servers at 6PM ET with the following changes.


General Changes

  • If a player somehow drops a locked item, now only that player can pick up the item.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to debuff Island Guardians and other "ownable" event bosses even though they owned them.
  • The "SPECIAL" damage text now appears on monsters (previously the damage would be increased, but the text wouldn't appear).
  • If "SPECIAL" damage is also "MAXIMUM" damage, it now shows as SPECIAL instead of MAXIMUM.
  • The Party Interface now shows the total and maximum party member count.
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing server crashes when monsters with buffs died. We know this was the cause of one semi-rare crash we have experienced twice over the last month, but it may also be related to several other more common crashes in which we received unexplainable crash logs.
  • We've added more "Saves" to various item related actions to help minimize rollbacks if a channel crashes.
  • When combining Soul Charms, if any charm is locked the resulting charm will now also be locked.
  • We've made a change so that players that are bugged as "Banned Applicants" in tribes can now be removed on the Channel they are bugged on. We'll need to take a deeper look into Tribes when we have more time to implement a more appropriate fix.
  • The Delete Character feature has been re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused "Radius Buffs/Debuffs" to not work on monsters (such as Battle Cry).
  • Ikal's move speed is now the same as Luh & Mahal.
  • The Red Lake of Abyss, in East Ladianes, now does 2000 damage per second to players while in the water, the damage can be prevented using an Anti-Toxin Pill (like in the Polluted Lake).
  • The Fisherman Zombie at the Red Lake of Abyss, in East Ladianes, now sells Anti-Toxin Pills (like Danzo in front of the Polluted Lake).
  • We've added Blacksmith, Reforging, Subscription, & Mailbox NPCs to the Castle Lord Room.


Blade Changes

  • Soul Blade now generates threat equal to x20 of your damage, previously x10.
  • Battle Cry now generates a 10,000 threat for each skill level on any monster that the debuff is activated on, up to a maximum of 100,000 Threat at level 10.
  • We've updated the localization for books and skill descriptions of Soul Blade & Battle Cry.


Catastropha Cavern Event

  • The event now automatically starts with any remaining time left after a server restart, note that the timer keeps going even while the server is offline.
  • The next event time no longer resets when the server restarts.
  • Players can now use Gold Egg Shells to make the event start early. Collectively, players on the server need to use 200 Egg Shells to cause the event to start early and this number is saved/updated when the server restarts.


Instance Changes

  • Based on player feedback, we've made it so only party leaders can create instances again.
  • The defense boosts for difficulty 9 and 10 have been reduced to 35% (previously 40% and 45%).
  • The health boost for difficulty 9 has been increased to 50% (previously 40%).
  • The health boost for difficulty 10 has been increased to 60% (previously 45%).