May 25 Update

Today we will be restarting the Triumphus Server after the nation war completes, the Triumphus Server will be offline for 1-2 hours while we apply the changes detailed in today's patch notes. Once the Triumphus Server is back online, we will announce the Mystic Server restart and that should only take around 15-20 mins.


Status Update: Servers are now back online.


General Changes

  • Bracket 1 Island EXP Scroll has received a 67% exp increase and a 5% drop rate increase.
  • Bracket 2 Island EXP Scroll has received a 55% exp increase and a 5% drop rate increase.
  • Fixed an issue with Catastropha Cavern that was causing it to last 1.5 hours instead of 2 hours.
  • We've made some minor localization fixes/changes.
  • The drop rate of quivers has been adjusted so players will get Grade 2 or 3 quivers more often when fighting stronger monsters (still dropped by same monsters, just higher rates).


Potion Changes

  • The icon and effect of some potions have changed.
  • 700 HP Potion is now called a Bitter Potion, and it now heals melees for 700 HP and mages for 600 HP.
  • 900 HP Hyper Potion is now called Great Bitter Potion, and it now heals melees for 900 HP and mages for 700 HP.
  • 1200 HP Potion is now called Hard Potion, and it now heals melees for 1200 HP and mages for 800 HP.
  • Hard Potion (the old 1800 HP one) is now called Super Hard Potion, and it now heals melees for 1800 HP and mages for 1000 HP.
  • Mini Health Potion is now called Ultra Potion.
  • Health Potion is now called Super Ultra Potion.
  • Mini-Marvelous potion is now called Marvelous Potion.
  • Marvelous Potion is now called Super Marvelous Potion, and it now heals for 15% HP and 9% MP.
  • Super Marvelous Potion is now called Amazing Potion, and it now heals for 18% HP and 12% MP.
  • You can now brew Super Ultra Potions (level 7 potion). Previously this would make a 1200 HP Potion.
  • You can now brew all 3 types of Mix Potions.
  • Brewing Amazing Potions now requires 7 of each herb (previously 5) and level 50 Potion Brewing (previously 40).


Monster Changes

  • We've finished moving the Instance Bracket system over to all monsters.
  • This was a very large change, but if everything is working properly, we will now be able to begin creating brackets for all monsters (not just instance monsters). We will begin doing this over the next few days for the Island System.
  • For now, players should notice NO difference in monsters. The following is a list of possible issues (although we did not notice any of them during our final round of testing), please report any of these incidents if you run into them with as much detail as possible:
    • Being hit for less/more after the restart.
    • Doing less/more damage to monsters after the restart.
    • Receiving less/more experience after the restart.
    • Lower/higher drop rates after the restart.
    • Buffs/Debuffs on monsters not working properly after the restart.


Balance Changes

  • Level 10 mana barrier now negates 57% damage (previously 62%), and all the negated damage is now taken from your mana (previously only 85% of the damage was taken from your mana). If this change is too harsh in combination with the potion changes, we can revert or adjust the damage negation based on player feedback.
  • Fire Charge (Red Mage skill) now gives a 10% AP boost, instead of 15%.


Server Crashes

We've been spending a lot of time looking into the various random server crashes that we've been experiencing across both the Mystic & the Triumphus Server. Unfortunately, these crashes are fairly difficult to properly detect as they are being caused by unknown actions (or sequences of unknown actions) that result in undefined behaviour. Up until now, we've been unsuccessful in reproducing the crashes on our test server.

Due to the complexity and difficulty of these crashes we are being forced to use some additional tools that were made specifically for locating issues like this. Sadly, these types of tools drastically slow down the performance of whatever software they are being used on. We will be making the following changes in order to reduce the server crashes & pinpoint their causes:

  • Instances will now only be able to be started on Channel 3 (this is temporary until we fix the issues or rule out instances as the cause of the issues).
  • Channel 3 on the Triumphus Server will have the tool attached to it. If needed, we will also attach the tool to Channel 3 on the Mystic Server after a few days (if the issue doesn't happen on the Triumphus Server).
    • We've made some additional optimizations that should somewhat help reduce the performance issues caused by the tool.



May 26 Patch Notes

Balance Changes

  • Mana Barrier (at level 10) now negates the same amount of damage as before yesterdays update (62%), but it continues to drain 100% of the negated damage. If this is too high, we will be reducing it to 60% in a later update (based on player feedback).
  • Fire Charge (Red Mage skill) now gives a 13% AP boost, instead of 10%. Before yesterdays update the boost was 15%.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug with instances that caused players to receive the incorrect amount of experience from bosses.
  • We've run a script that will reverse the experience gains of players effected and grant them the correct amount of experience and automatically adjust their levels to the correct level.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash when loading disabled items.