June 27 Update

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue when moving the screen window (while in Window mode) that caused rapid stamina increases/decreases and move/attack speed increases/decreases.
  • Fixed an issue with the last update that caused the added level 12 jewelry that dropped from bosses in Catastropha Cavern to always have no stats.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Vice Eggs to only drop 0-2 level 12 jewelry, they now drop anywhere from 0-6 level 12 jewelry.
  • We've added a Mobile Store Box to the Subscription Shop.
    • This box can be used to open an empty Store anywhere in the game. This is useful for players that would like to sell non-desirable items for Leni while farming and/or repairing their equipment.
    • When purchased the item can be used as much as you want for 7 days.


Blue Mage Changes

  • The radius of Cold Mist has been reduced for Cold Mist levels 1-9 (level 10 remains unchanged), at each level the radius increases (previously it was always the same).
  • The "Cold Mist" apprentice skill now also causes any debuffs that the caster applied to spread to other nearby monsters.
    • This means that players can cast debuffs like Black Touch & Weaken on a monster, and then use the Cold Mist skill to spread those debuffs to all nearby monsters.
    • This does NOT spread other players debuffs (meaning you have to cast Black Touch first, not someone else).
    • The spread only occurs from monster to monster (not from player to player or player to monster or monster to player).


Island Changes

  • We have increased the number of monster groups on Shuy Island to 62 groups (previously 23).
  • We have increased the number of monster groups on Duan Island to 42 groups (previously 23).
  • We have increased the number of monster groups on Pet Island to 46 groups (previously 29).
  • We have increased the number of monster groups on Catastropha Island to 61 groups (previously 40).
  • Bracket 5 (Levels 201-275, including Laziel Tower monsters), Pet Island, and Catastropha Island have had all their monsters Physical Defense reduced (by 250 flat defense and 5% percent defense).
  • We've added a "Teleport to Random Location" option to each Island (not Ghost Castle/Tornado Turfs), it can be used by both Defenders & Invaders.