August 4 Patch Notes

General Island/Turf Changes

  • Once a monster exits its allowed movement radius (currently only on Turfs/Islands), it will now automatically walk back to their spawn location and are immune to damage until they reach their spawn location.
    • Their move speed is x5 their normal move speed during this "returning home" process.
    • Players will see the text "IMMUNE" when this happens.
  • All magic and ranged monsters no longer move and if you attack them from beyond their allowed radius, they become immune to your damage.


Boss Spawn Event Changes

  • We have added a counter that automatically appears and disappears if you are in an area that spawns a boss depending on how many monsters have been killed.
  • When the servers restart, the total kills for each boss spawn event no longer resets.
    • If the server resets while an event is active, when it comes back online the event will still be active (but the bosses health will have been reset).
    • In the case of a server crash, the counter is saved for every 50 monsters killed.


Tornado & Pet Island Changes

  • We have increased the drop rates of Tornado & Pet Island to have a base drop rate of 55% (previously 40%).
  • We have decreased the attack power of Tornado & Pet Island monsters.
    • Depending on your class and equipment, you should be able to tank 3-5 group hits before you die (a total of 15-25 hits if you pull an entire group, with average gear).
    • "Average gear" on the Tornado Turf would be +6 level 11 equipment and 5/5 jewels.
    • "Average gear" on Pet Island would be +15/+15 level 13 equipment and 6/6 jewels.
  • We have added a poll (to the official-polls channel on Discord) to change Tornado to levels 161-200, please vote on it before the poll ends (next Sunday, August 13th).


Island Monster Damage Poll

  • The changes to Tornado/Pet Island were made to mimic what was suggested in option 1 of the "Island Monster Damage Poll" suggests, in our Discords official-polls channel.
  • Players should test this to see if it's to their liking, but the change will ONLY be made to the other islands if the majority of players pick option 1 when the poll closes.
  • The poll will be closing next Wednesday (August 9th).


Extra Patch Notes (2nd Restart)

  • Ranged mobs on the Bracket 1-5 Islands now have 5% less AP, and do 5% less absolute damage than melee monsters.
  • Ranged mobs on Catastropha Island now have 5% less AP, and do 5% less absolute damage than melee monsters.
  • All monsters on Bracket 1-5 Islands and Catastropha Island have had their AP & absolute damage adjusted to match what they would be if option 2 of the Island Monster Damage Poll won. This ranges from a 5-10% reduction of AP and/or absolute damage.
  • Guardians on the Bracket 1-5 Islands no longer have a leashing radius, this feature was intended only for normal islands mobs (this means they can be damaged from far away again).