August 11 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be teleported out of FL during the nation war if they left their party.
  • Various small localization changes & fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with some pets (not all) that caused their total feed counters to reset when you logout.


Blade Changes

  • Guardian Shield now increases a blades Block Rate by 7% at level 10 (previously 10%).
  • Shield Exchange now has a 40% chance (previously 50%) to multiply damage by 25% (previously 30%), but reduced the players Block Rate by 30% (this did not change) and reduces the players magic defense by 15% (previously 0%) at level 10.
  • If there are still concerns in terms of survivability in comparison to damage output after this post, we will most likely need to make adjustments in terms of HP/AP gains from Strength and or damage multipliers from finishers... However, we'd like players feedback on these changes first.


Island/Turf Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the Catastropha Eggs, on Catastropha Island, were immune to damage if players were too far from them (this should only occur with normal monsters).
  • Fixed an issue with the Zombie Tree on Pet Island using melee attacks, it is now ranged.
  • The HP regen of the Pet Island Guardian & Catastropha Island Guardian (and eggs) has been reduced.
  • As per the results of the "Island Monster Damage Poll", we have made the following changes:
    • All monsters have had their AP drastically reduced so that players can, on average, survive being hit 15-25 times by monsters before being killed.
    • The Bracket 1 Island has had its drop rate reduced from 60% down to 45%.
    • All other islands and turfs have had their drop rates reduced from 70% down to 55%.


August 14 Patch Notes

  • Shield Exchange now reduces the players magic defense by 5% (previously 15%) at level 10.