August 17 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused physical and magic percent defenses to not display properly on the client, this caused some percents to display as 0.1%-0.9% off sometimes (this was ONLY a visual bug).
  • We've changed it so that if you have a subscription and your pets hunger gauge reaches 5% or lower, it automatically sets it to 10% hunger. This is simply to avoid situations where players pets starve within 1 minute of logging in when a subscription expires, if it hadn't been fed for a long time.


Boss Spawn Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused island monsters to be spawned DURING the boss spawn event, if the server was restarted during an event.
  • We have added a timer that causes boss spawn events to end once a certain duration is reached.
    • The reason for this was due to the fact that we will be adding more boss spawn events to several other islands/turfs soon. If an island isn't used too often (such as with low level islands), the boss should eventually leave.
    • Catastropha Island has a 2-hour timer before it vanishes, all other boss spawn events currently have a 1-hour timer. This should be plenty to get the boss killed and account for PvP, but if its commonly not... we can increase it.
  • We have also made it so players are notified that the event is still active 3 times during its duration (4 if you count when the event starts).


Hau Changes

  • The Hau Island monsters can now be damaged by level 300's (experience gained is still shared with visible members of your nation).
  • The Hau Island monsters now use the monster scaling system that is used by the islands & instances.
    • To compensate for the increased defenses, we have reduced the HP of all monsters by 40%.
  • The experience rewards of monsters on Hau Island have been adjusted so that they are better than instances at each bracket (1 Hau Witch = 6 Instance Bosses, 1 Hau Monster = 1/7 Instance Bosses)
  • Hau Island Witch Drops
    • The Hau Island Witch now drops 150-170 Soul Shards for every member of the winning nation that is alive and within viewing distance when it dies.
    • The Hau Island Chest now has a chance to contain all types of transformation gems, instead of just 1 type, and when a gem is found it can be found in stacks of 1-3.
  • Hau Island Monster Drops
    • Normal Island monsters (including Bandits) now have chance to drop 1 type of normal or choice gem shards in stacks of 1-10.
      • Levels 200-239: 13% chance of Sephiroth Shards (1-10), 5% chance of Sephiroth Choice Shards (1-10)
      • Levels 240-275: 20% chance of Sephiroth Shards (1-10), 10% chance of Sephiroth Choice Shards (1-10)
      • Levels 276-299: 20% chance of Sephiroth Shards (1-10), 10% chance of Sephiroth Choice Shards (1-10), 13% chance of Clonium Shards (1-10), 5% chance of Clonium Choice Shards (1-10)
      • Levels 300+: 20% chance of Sephiroth Shards (1-10), 10% chance of Sephiroth Choice Shards (1-10), 20% chance of Clonium Shards (1-10), 10% chance of Clonium Choice Shards (1-10)