September 1 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue with various monsters that was causing exp to not be reduced properly for lower levels.
  • We've added additional drops to the Instance Boxes (gems ranging in the x1-x4 quantities, depending on the box level). This was done so that the chance of the boxes being empty is greatly reduced.
  • The "Marked for Death" debuff (from the Aplite & Artemis bows) now only reduces defense against archers.
  • The Wind Flower cost of all gems at the Shelly Shine NPC has been reduced.
  • The Boss Spawn Event counter now has a green bar that fills up as the kill count increases.
  • When you try to login with an account that has not been activated, you are now told that your account isn't activated (previously it said unknown error).


Tornado Changes

  • Based on the results of the "Tornado Turf Level Bracket Poll", we have changed the Tornado Turf to be for levels 160-200 (previously 121-160).
  • All monsters on the Tornado Turf have had their scaling adjusted to fit their new 160-200 level range.


Hau Changes

  • Players may now only enter Hau Island with 1 character at a time, this is to prevent using alt characters to kill members of one of your other alts nations.
  • Both the Ladianes & Veros Hau Island teleporters now has a random entrance teleport option.


Area Changes

  • We've made a substantial number of changes to how areas work on the server. This was a necessary change in order to implement the Hau Changes listed in this update.
  • All areas are now able to support a total IP limit of users within it (although only Hau is currently using this feature). This means that if an area has an IP limit of 1, then you can only enter that area with 1 character.
  • Aside from the IP change, players shouldn't notice any differences in areas. However, please let us know if you do notice any issues.


September 2 Changes

  • Fixed an issue from the last update that caused players level 200-239 to not receive exp in Hau.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes spawn at their respawn location when they logged out in safe zones.
  • Fixed localization for the Hau Witch Chest.