Season Channels Development

We have finally begun development of the season channels & season characters functionality. We've briefly discussed the concept of season channels/characters for a few months now with players in-game and on our Discord server, but we have never made an official post regarding it. Today's update saw the first set of changes that were made to the client, so that it can support season channels/characters. You can read more about those specific changes (and others) in the following news article:


We've created a small set of frequently asked questions to help explain what season channels/characters are. Should you have further questions, please feel free to ask us via Support Tickets, the Forums, and/or Discord.


What are season channels?

Season channels are similar to season servers (something that we previously hosted). The key difference here is that they are not a separate server, but instead, they are separate channels on the existing Mystic & Triumphus servers that can ONLY be accessed by season characters. This allows players to start new characters and progress without being obligated to compete with already fully geared players/tribes right away, while at the same time not splitting each server in to a new server.


What are season characters?

Season characters are characters that are created during a season. Season characters can log in to both non-season channels and season channels. Players can choose to create a season character or non-season character during the character creation process.


How many season channels were there be per server?

We are still deciding on this, but there will most likely be 2 season channels, per server, added.


Can season characters party/trade non-season characters?

No, no matter what channel you are on, you will not be able to party, trade, or use booths for characters that are of different types. This means that season characters cannot party, trade, or use booths with non-season characters, and non-season characters cannot party, trade, or use booths with season characters.


Why are season characters allowed to go on non-season channels?

We are allowing season characters to enter non-season channels so that they can still PvP and interact with non-season characters in a competitive and social way. However, they will not be able to earn any real benefit from each other (they CANNOT obtain each other's items and CANNOT give each other experience).


How long will each season last?

We have not yet decided on this, but they will most likely last somewhere in the range of 1-3 months per season. We are open to and welcome player feedback on this.


When will seasons start?

We do not have an estimated release date as of yet. However, we will try to provide players with a 1-month notice prior to releasing the first season."


What happens to our season characters and items when a season ends?

Season characters (and all the items on them) are automatically converted into non-season characters/items when a season ends. They will no longer be able to enter season channels, but you will still be able to use them on non-season channels. They will essentially become, non-season characters.