October 7 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue with scaled monsters that caused BM's & RM's physical staff attacks to not be affected by the monsters' Physical Defense.
  • The duration of the Boss Spawn Events is now announced in minutes (previously, it was announced in hours).


Island Changes

  • The Ghost Castle Boss Spawn Event now only occurs on Channel 1 (previously, it happened on Channel 3, but this was a bug).
  • The Blue/Red magic defense of all Guardians and Boss Spawn Event monsters has been adjusted to account for the damage difference between physical attacks and AOE attacks (previously, it only accounted for AOEs). This means RM/BM's should be doing more damage in the Boss Spawn Event & against island guardians now.
  • Tornado monsters (excluding the Guardian) have received a 7% AP reduction and a 5% absolute damage reduction.