October 17 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Minor localization adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue with the Boss Spawn Event Interface that caused fonts to switch incorrectly in some languages.
  • We've added a Portal Station to Cruster Beach, in East Ladianes. The cost to travel there from Vylock is 10,000 Leni (10K).
  • The Subscription Store can now be viewed by all players, but only those with an active subscription can purchase items.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some global events not to end properly if the person who ended the event (e.g., by killing a monster) logged out during the event's ending. This was a very rare issue.
  • Fixed an issue with the Soccer Event that allowed everyone in the party to receive rewards, not just 5 random party members.
  • The "Rampao Temple Altar" and "Rampao Temple Box" NPCs have been removed since they are no longer in use.
  • Random instances now activate the instance cooldown. If the instance is a random instance, the cooldown is removed once the instance is completed (even if it's not completed within the bonus time). This change is to prevent starting random instances until you get a specific instance, and is documented in the instance interface (under the cooldown tooltip).
  • The Notifications window no longer automatically opens when you level up and receive new notifications.
  • The new Notifications Icon (yellow "!" symbol that appears) now displays if there are ANY unread notifications (previously only shown if the current page had unread notifications).
  • NPC dialog options that start quests that are disabled no longer appear on the NPC (such as the Lunar Festival option for Tormac).


Island Boss Spawn Event Changes

  • We've increased the drop rates of Supreme Gems from the Boss Event on the Brackets 3-5 islands.
  • Bracket 5 Boss Spawn Event now drops 15-50 Dilithium Ore (previously 3-7) or 5-20 Dilithium Metal (previously 1-3).
  • Ghost Castle Boss Spawn Event now drops 50-100 Dilithium Ore (previously 5-10) or 10-50 Dilithium Metal (previously 1-5).
  • Pet Island Boss Spawn Event now drops 30-70 Clonium Liquid (previously 3-7) or 10-30 Clonium Essence (previously 1-3).
  • Catastropha Island Boss Spawn Event now drops 50-100 Clonium Liquid (previously 5-10) or 10-50 Clonium Essence (previously 1-5).


World Map Changes

  • We've modified the World Map so that area names are drawn by the game, as opposed to being part of the map image. This allows for easier editing of names during updates and enables the translation of area names on the client side.
  • The "Names" checkbox in the World Map has been enabled; it will toggle the display of area names on the World Map.
  • We've fixed and changed the names of various areas on the World Map.


Season Changes

  • If a seasonal character is on a NON-season channel, they will now only receive experience and drops from monsters if those monsters were NOT damaged by a non-season character before being killed.
    • This check is reset if a monster reaches full health again, either through HP regen or respawning.
  • If a monster will not provide a seasonal character with ANY experience or drops (because it was damaged by a non-season character), it will now mention this while you are attacking it and when you kill it.
  • Tribes created by seasonal characters are now considered seasonal tribes. Only seasonal characters can join seasonal tribes, and only non-season characters can join non-season tribes.
  • We've added various GM commands to help us adjust seasons as needed.