Account System Changes & Patch Notes

Account System Changes

We’ve made some changes to how we treat users when they are banned. Previously, we would only ban a person from the server they committed a violation on, unless the violation was grave enough to warrant a ban on all servers. With the new system, if you are banned on one server, you will be banned on all servers.

This does cause an issue for those who were banned on the Triumphus server long before the Season 2 server was made; as these users will now be banned on the Season 2 Server. To resolve this issue, we will be allowing these few & specific users to move their Season 2 characters to another account. This can be done by opening a support ticket and providing us with your character name and new account username. We will be sending emails out to anyone that will be affected by this change.


Patch Notes

  • We’ve fixed a very rare issue that caused Channel 1 to crash last week.
  • We’ve implemented a potential fix for the lag that was experienced for roughly 2 hours during last weekend’s random Boss Spawn Event.
  • The Frozenland War Bosses now says what nation the boss that was killed was from.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with crafting that did not allow you to Blacksmith multiple items at once.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with crafting that did not show a message when you did not have enough resources.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where level 12 items did not give shards after level 10.
  • Fixed some minor localization issues.