Halloween Haunt

General Changes

  • The drop rate of Supreme Sephiroth & Supreme Sephiroth Choice gems has been increased in Brackets 3-5 and on Pet Island.
  • Fixed the "A Point for a Kill" quest and the "Island Corodon" quest; the Corodons weren't counting toward the quest.


Halloween Event (Ends on November 12)

  • An event chest has been added to the middle of Ladianes. It can be used once a day to find either a Halloween Chocolate or a Halloween Card.
  • Players can also complete a new daily quest called "Halloween Haunt" by speaking to the Haunted Child in front of the Ruined Graveyard (in Veros). This NPC can be reached by speaking to the "Scary Child" NPC in Ladianes (next to the Event Chest). Rewards for the quest include 1 Halloween Chocolate and 1 Halloween Card.
  • Halloween Chocolates can be used to activate a 30-minute 10% drop rate buff.
  • Once you find 20 Halloween Cards, you can use them to unlock the "Blue Devil" Full Body Cosmetic Loadout (it can also be purchased for TC if you prefer).
  • We've also added two other versions of the Devil (Red & Black) Full Body Costume that can be purchased in the Cosmetic Loadout interface during the Halloween Event.
  • The Pet Boss Spawn Events will occur randomly every 2-4 days during the Halloween Event, and they now always drop a Pet Token for a new Pumpkin Pet, a rarer "Spooky" Pumpkin Pet, or an even rarer Zombie Pumpkin Pet.
  • All Island Boss Spawn Events now have a 25% chance to drop a Pet Token to unlock a Pumpkin Pet (only the normal/orange variation of it).


Devil Costumes
Blue Devil Red Devil Black Devil
Blue Devil Costume Red Devil Costume Black Devil Costume


Halloween Pets
Normal Pumpkin Pet Spooky Pumpkin Pet Zombie Pumpkin Pet
Normal Pumpkin Pet Spooky Pumpkin Pet Zombie Pumpkin Pet